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SEO Website Migration Services

Make the move to your new website seamlessly with our SEO migration services. We will work with you to ensure that your website’s existing SEO performance, including rankings, traffic, and indexed content is unharmed during the transition.

Insufficient SEO migration can result in a decrease in traffic or a loss in revenue, but proper planning and strategy can prevent this.

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We can migrate your website to another domain

When migrating your website to another domain, you don’t want search engines to think your business has vanished into thin air. SEO site migration requires a lot of planning, strategising and management to be successful. We can manage the migration of your website to ensure that the process runs smoothly, and that your organic performance is not only protected, but positively impacted. Our team of SEO experts will walk through the process with you to outline clear objectives and support you through the migration from start to finish.

SEO website migration process:

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Scope & planning

After determining the reasons for the migration, we will establish the scope and create a detailed migration plan, including objectives for the new website and any benchmark metrics that will require monitoring both during and after migration. This is also a good opportunity to address any legacy issues with the website. We will work closely with your team to outline the process and consider all necessary areas.

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Pre-launch preparation

Pre-launch preparation will help to protect your website from any problems that may arise during the website migration process. As part of this necessary preparation, we’ll carry out SEO and content audits, review any necessary redirects to the new website and identify the priority pages for migration so that nothing is missed.

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Pre-launch testing

Before going live with your site, we will run thorough testing of both the current website and the new site. This will allow for solid pre-launch benchmarks to be determined based on your business’ KPIs. We will conduct extensive quality assurance tests, noting every adjustment made to the website so that any technical issues can be addressed during this phase.

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Launch support

Launching a new website is no small task and the more hands on deck, the better. Our team will support you through the launch by monitoring the migration in real-time so that any unexpected issues can be addressed immediately. Our priority will be to minimise downtime and ensure a smooth user experience.

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Post-launch review

After launch, it will be important to closely monitor the organic traffic and SEO performance of the site to ensure that the migration has been smooth sailing. If there are any sudden drops in traffic or keyword performance, or any new issues that may have emerged during migration, we can handle these accordingly during the review.

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Performance review

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we will conduct regular SEO audits and performance analysis that offers real insight into how your website is performing so you can be sure that your site continues to meet its objectives and offers a positive user experience.

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