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Comparison Shopping Service

In today’s competitive online landscape, every penny counts and maximising the potential of your budget is crucial to driving success. Our team will support you in using a Customer Shopping Service (CSS) that offers a 20% increase in competitiveness with your CPCs and achieves the same Google Shopping traffic from the same Google search results and from Google comparison shopping services. Book a consultation today to find out more google shopping and comparison shopping services.

Why Comparison Shopping Services work

The biggest reason our Comparison Shopping Services work is because of its transparent pricing model that give an accurate reflection of prices with shopping campaigns. When using Google Shopping, 20% of your budget is taken as a cut for Google’s fees. For example, if you bit £1 via Google, your actual bid is only £0.80. 

Comparatively, when using our CSS, we don’t charge a percentage of the value of each click or a percentage of the revenue earned, meaning your budget spend goes directly to where it’s most useful. With our Comparison Shopping Service, a £1 bid remains a £1 bid, giving you a 20% bid increase without extra bidding. 

Unlike others, we don’t charge a percentage of the value of each click or a percentage of the revenue earned. We offer our CSS service at a fixed £125 monthly cost per Merchant Store.

Introducing CSS to your business strategy allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your Google shopping ads budget and achieve optimal results in the competitive realm of Google Shopping.

The benefits of Google Shopping CSS for businesses

Low on cost with big advantages

Become increasingly competitive

Unlock your potential

Get ahead of competitors

Free setup

Improve shopping ads performance

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