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Microsoft Advertising

Unlock the full potential of your online advertising strategy with our Microsoft Ads Management Services. Investing in the Microsoft network with Wriggle Marketing has never been easier and helps you stay ahead in the competitive online landscape. Our comprehensive services ensure that your campaigns reach a wide audience and deliver measurable and impactful results to a unique demographic.

Wriggle is an award-winning accredited Microsoft partner and certified professional with access to the Microsoft community, technical experts, and recognition for our work with Microsoft Advertising. This means our expert team is certified across Microsoft’s Search, Native Display and Shopping Ad formats.

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Our services include

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Expanding Your Reach

Use your existing strategy and structure with Microsoft imports from your Google Ads campaign. We don’t have to start from scratch and can use the Google import tool to start off strong and use your existing high-performing campaigns.

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Unique Feature Management

We help to get the most out of your ads with powerful features that generate traffic such as site extensions displaying multiple pages of your website on one ad.

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Refining Your Market

Microsoft Advertising has powerful features that help you target searchers from location targeting to make the most of your budget and call extensions to connect searchers to your business.

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Features To Drive More Traffic

Use a combination of image extensions, shopping ads and action extensions to convert users into customers.

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Code Free Conversion Tracking

Microsoft allows you to set up conversion tracking to monitor the users’ behaviours and actions taken after clicking on your ads. Conversion tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimise for better performance.

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Interactive and live Data Studio reports demonstrate our commitment to transparency and providing you with the best service possible.

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Expert Management

Our Experts have achieved Microsoft Partner qualifications and have been recognised as the Global Emerging Partner Of the Year by Microsoft. This emphasises our unique position to propel your PPC advertising across the Microsoft Network.

Why Microsoft Advertising Management is important for businesses?

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Amplify Your Reach

Did you know that many of the millions of unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network can’t be reached on Google, with the Microsoft Search Network covering a wide range of apps, sites and devices we use daily?

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Diversify Your Marketing

Many advertisers already use Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising can work in tangent to help you tap into additional search traffic that provides a unique audience to help grow, diversify and increase profits for your business whilst broadening your reach.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead is not an option – it’s a necessity. Uncover the strategic advantages of our Microsoft Ads Management Services and ensure your business leads the way in online advertising.

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Focused Targeting

Harness the power of precise targeting and strategic campaign planning. Our Microsoft Ads Management ensures your ads resonate with the right audience.

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