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SEO Insights & Industry News

By its very nature, SEO is constantly changing and evolving based on technological trends. Our technical team is continuously learning and adapting their SEO best practices in order to stay ahead. Have a look at some of our latest SEO insights and get in touch if you have any questions.


Why is it important to be up to date on SEO?

In order to keep growing your online presence and generate leads, you need to be monitoring and adapting your SEO to keep up with the latest algorithms. Not doing so puts you at risk of your rankings dropping lower on search engine pages and it being harder for customers to find your business. Keeping up to date with industry insights will give you an understanding of what can have the most impact on your website’s growth.


How is the SEO industry constantly changing?

Search Engine algorithms

Major search engines such as Google frequently update their algorithms to provide better search results to their users and tackle undesirable SEO tactics.

Emerging technologies

New technologies and innovation have an impact on search engines and SEO. Understanding the impact they have is important in order to be adaptable with your strategy. 

Content has to be King

We know the importance of quality content for businesses, but search engines are increasingly rewarding websites that produce high-quality, informative content, making content optimization an ongoing process.

Local SEO

It’s increasingly important to prioritise your local SEO efforts as users continue to demand quick and relevant information about their local area.

Mobile optimisation

Websites that are optimised for mobile are far more likely to rank highly with search engines. Optimising for mobile search will play a role in driving traffic.