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SEO Case Studies

At Wriggle Marketing, we provide a range of SEO services to our clients with the aim of increasing organic traffic to their websites which in turn will hopefully lead to an increase in either leads/enquiries or sales/purchase (depending on whether they have a lead generation or e-commerce website). To find out more about the SEO results we aim to achieve for our clients, take a look at our SEO case studies below…

Take a look at what our clients have to say

Why are positive results so important in organic search & SEO?

To gain visibility in the search engine results page (SERPs)

One of the most important metrics in SEO is keyword positioning and website ranking. Web pages that rank for high volume, targeted keywords that are relevant to a particular page, this can help increase the visibility of a businesses’ website.

To help increase traffic and website users

 Once a website has increased visibility for keywords that generate high search volume, this can lead to an increase in organic traffic which will see more visitors on a website. It’s important to make sure that this is relevant traffic and that the keywords being targeted are relevant to the products/services on offer.

Can lead rise in enquires and/or sales

With an increase in website traffic, this will hopefully lead to an increase in enquiries or sales (depending on the website type). This is an incredibly important metric to focus on as this is what will really help a business grow.

Help business growth

All of the above metrics are vitally important for business growth and achieving positive SEO results. The more visitors on a website and the more visitors converting will likely lead to businesses reaching their internal KPIs and ROI targets.

Increase profitability

Increasing profitability is arguably one of the most important aspects of a business. By achieving these SEO results and helping a business grow, an increase in profitability will likely follow which means more money for the business to spend internally and continue growing.