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Miko Engineering: A Dual-Service Triumph – Blending PPC and SEO for Impressive Outcomes

The Brief

Miko Engineering has been a valued client of Wriggle Marketing since 2015. In our initial meeting it was clear that they were in happy with their current agency and it was not obtaining the desired results. The initial brief was clear they wanted to heavily promote their entrance canopies, bike shelters and covered walkways. Over the years we have and continue to work closely with the business to develop their online presence and ensure they have a constant stream of enquiries for their core services.

Our Approach

We reviewed their main product pages that were missing on-page information and carried out extensive keyword and competitor research for the high performing domains for competing products. This helped us generate a strong idea as to which keywords we needed to include into the on-page information for these product pages. We prioritised the most popular products as this would likely see the biggest difference and allow for greater visibility for the website and more organic traffic. From a PPC perspective Wriggle launched their PPC campaign in early 2022. Historically there had been apprehension about investing in PPC and they had tried this historically with another agency and it had not generated results. We agreed on small budgets which allowed them to be introduced to the service and limit their exposure should they not wish to continue. Since this point they continue to invest in this service expand campaigns and widen their targeting. This approach allowed us to build up an extensive list of negatives and priorities our spend to high performing keywords.

Our Results - PPC



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Our Results - SEO



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