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Roofclad Systems: Elevating Your Online Presence with the Power of PPC and SEO


The Brief

Roofclad Systems specialise in commercial and industrial roof and cladding refurbishment works. Roofclad have over 40 years of experience and are now known as one of the UK’s leading industrial roofing and cladding contractors. With an incredibly skilled and highly trained workforce they advise their clients on the best and most cost-effective materials and design for any industrial or commercial building.

Roofclad became a client of Wriggles in 2017 and we have worked closely with them over the past 6 years to build and constantly develop their digital strategy. When Roofclad became a client of Wriggle their website was extremely basic and did not showcase their work or the services they offer nor did it represent the size of the business. Our initial brief was to overhaul the businesses website and then begin both then implement both the SEO & PPC Strategies for them to ensure a constant stream of commercial enquiries.

Our Approach

From the outset we needed to showcase the businesses services and highlight their skillset and size and we did this through a new website which is still in place today (although this is being redeveloped and due for re-launch in Summer 2024!). Once the website was live we then implemented the SEO & PPC strategies for the Roofclad and we continue to work on these today. In addition to this within the first year of working alongside Roofclad we realised that during storms and high winds the Google trends data showed peaks in search traffic and we now use this data to analyse traffic patterns around storms in the UK and Commercial Roof repair services. We found that the search volume increased briefly when a storm had historically been announced and then sharply a few days after the storm hit. Thanks to external data from weather reports we had a brief window to target users by creating paid ads and then directing users to convert using a custom made page banner for storm damage which can be turned on and off for any further uses.

The Results - PPC


Increase in Impressions

73,829 vs 454,901


Increase in Clicks

3,237 vs 7,618


Decrease in CPC

£2.13 vs £1.60


Increase in Conversions

207 vs 274

The Results - SEO


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Users


Increase in New Users


Increase in top 20 monthly volume


Within a 12 month period our traffic increased by 30%. Over the same time period initially we were only showing for 400 searches per month and by the end we were showing over 1,500 searches per month. We had used other companies in the past but they did not deliver results. Roofclad now receives a solid and steady stream of enquiries from our website and this increases year on year and the team are constantly developing our online presence. Wriggle continues to demonstrate a solid ROI for us and I would highly recommend them.

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