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PPC – Foam Superstore

The Brief

Foam Superstore historically struggled to maintain revenue and profitability at the same time. After Joining Wriggle from another agency we discovered the reported figures were incorrect and sales were being tracked twice, meaning they were less profitable. Foam wanted to be able to accurately track and record sales allowing them to prioritise marketing spend into profitable areas whilst maintaining growth.

Our Approach

Firstly we corrected the account tracking, making sure there was only one conversion recorded at the checkout. Next, we formed a custom strategy using the historical account data to find keywords that had historically converted, then expanded on them using a dynamic search campaign and the keyword planner. We then split them into campaigns of similar themes based on margins with separate budgets allowing us to ensure visibility across a range of services. Once we had a new baseline to optimise from we could prioritise spend on high-performing areas at the right time, place and audience to maximise performance.

Our Results

42% increase

in Revenue

in Revenue

97% increase

in impressions

68.4k vs 135k YoY

0.74% increase

in Conversion Rate

2.13% vs 2.86% YoY

76% increase

in Conversions

68 vs 120 YoY

42% increase

in Conversion Value

6.77K vs 9.66K YoY

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