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Astley: Driving revenue through Paid Search

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The Brief

Astley has over the years has amassed a wealth of expertise in creating branded environments, supporting blue-chip clients such as Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative, JET and Hilton Hotels with a variety of essential signage solutions. From multi-location rollout programmes across the UK and Europe, to highly bespoke single site installations, Astley has built up a reputation of providing the very best consultancy and expert client support in the industry.

When we initially met with the marketing manager and directors to discuss their objectives in mid 2022 the brief was clear. The business wanted to expand their customer base through digital channels. The core objective was to within a 6 – 12 month period increase their online presence through PPC and build a sustainable pipeline of new enquiries.

Our Approach

Despite initial conversations being held in Spring/Summer of 2022, Wriggle were not instructed until January 2023, this was because of budget constraints and also as a result of apprehension for the board. This apprehension has now gone due to the results generated and Astley continues to invest in PPC.

Given Astley’s limited exposure to online marketing and the absence of existing data, we prioritised key service areas with the greatest potential to allow us to spend without a loss and for quick returns. Simultaneously, our goal was to collect data for further optimisation, enabling us to make informed decisions. This strategy allowed us to allocate more initial spending for data and facilitated a balance between actionable returns. Alternatively, focusing on high-volume but lower-value areas would have constrained our ability to collect sufficient data for optimisation due to limited spending and the need for immediate returns. This approach allowed us to demonstrate immediate profitability and keep an eye on future expansion.

The results have meant that the business now has a solid incoming stream of enquiries from digital sources from new blue-chip clients and some smaller clients too. From an annualised ROI perspective they have seen a 4500% gain. As we continue to work with this client we are continuing to expand their campaigns into varying industries and sectors. This is still an active client of Wriggle’s where we continue to develop their digital marketing presence.

Our Results - Combined



in organic traffic since onboarding.



in contact form submissions



in impressions

PPC 2022 vs 2023

2nd Largest

source of traffic

whilst simultaneously assisting traffic and conversions to their existing sources.



in users from 30,305 to 58,605



in new users from 30,475 to 59,857



in conversion rate from 0.04% to 0.95%



in conversions from 12 to 881


Astley Signs instructed Wriggle Marketing in December 2022 and together we launched a PPC campaign in January 2023. Being the first official PPC campaign the company had ran it was vital that we were able to prove ROI as soon as we could, and even from those initial first few months we were seeing results. Since January 2023 to date (November 2023) through PPC the business has generated an encouraging new revenue stream and received a substantial number of enquiries from our investment. We’ve found the team at Wriggle to be extremely professional and proactive in their approach and they are always on hand to help. We look forward to developing the relationship further with Wriggle over the coming years as we work with them on more campaigns.

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