The truth behind SEO

There are plenty of myths to SEO and many do not know what is the truth from a myth. As google is constantly changing, with their major penguin update in 2016, the SEO requirements have changed a lot. Therefore, we have created a short list of the main truths behind SEO and how you can improve your business.  

Quality of web links not quantity

Many businesses believe that the more web links they have on their website the better. However, this is now not the case, search engines would rather see better quality web links rather than the quantity of web links. Therefore, better quality web links will increase the rankings and not the quantity of them.  

Pop ups are okay

There is the huge discussion as to whether pop-ups actually destroy your business or work. To create sales, many businesses use pop-ups, this is to help generate leads for the sales team. However, it is how you use the pop ups to determine whether they will help you or not. Pop-ups do work, yet mis-use of them can lead to your site being penalised. Google have announced that intrusive interstitials, (basically the pop ups that stop you from viewing the content easily) will be penalised. Therefore, when used properly, they can be a healthy part of your inbound strategy.  

Google knows everything

Having bad links to your website is not an option. Google will know this and pick up on it. If you know you have bad links to your website, then you can disavow them. This will allow you to ask google to not take these websites into account if they are websites you cannot control. Click here to disavow any links you believe that are affecting your rankings on google.  

Quality of content not quantity

Before the major update, google based websites on the amount of content they had. However, businesses spammed this and added unnecessary content. Therefore, the content being wrote for websites must be relevant. So the quality of content is now being judged and not the quantity. So, we suggest the content you write must be useful to the customer and be well written.  

H1 tag is not as crucial as you think

A H1 tag is important, as it allows the reader to understand what the page is about. However, the H1 is part of your Custom Style Sheet (CSS), this is the design of your website, showing the fonts and sizing of the different Headline tags. Therefore, a H2 could be just as important, as styling can be similar.   Now you know the SEO truths, you can now put these into practice for your business. If you need help on SEO, get in contact with us. Call 0191 276 7551 or email us at

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