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On average, click fraud wastes 20% of PPC advertisers budgets, that’s 1 in 5 clicks. Our click fraud protection service will exclude invalid IPs and block fake clicks, helping you fight back against click fraud and focus your ad spend on those that really matter.

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How It Works

Advanced AI can monitor your ads in real time, analysing each individual click and using data from millions of clicks to analyse if the click is in fact fraudulent or legitimate.

The clicks on the ad are monitored via a funnel that takes less than 100ms faster than the blink of an eye so as not to cause any performance issues.

The monitoring funnel allows for thousands of pieces of unique data, including IP address, device ID, resolution, user agent, location and more.

The data is then cross-reference all still in real time with existing data of fraudulent devices/activity and global blacklists with the aid of machine learning to identify new fraudulent activity.

The IP is then blocked so your ads no longer show, preventing clicks from taking place in the future.

Benefit From:

Quick installation

AI monitoring

Reducing wasted budgets

Getting ahead of your competition

Improved performance

Advance insights

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How can I tell if I am a victim of click fraud?

There are few ways to determine if you’re a victim of click fraud:

  • You are in a competitive industry or have a high number of competitors.
  • You’ve noticed a sudden unusually high number of clicks normally from one location.
  • Performance metrics such as conversion decreased while your clicks remained the same.

Annoyingly, sometimes things can still look normal in your Google Ads account even if you are suffering from click fraud. But if you’re still not sure try out a two week free trial and find out for yourself.

Does Google prevent click fraud?

Google takes some steps towards blocking click fraud, but it’s not a priority for them, meaning their click fraud detection measures have limited results. Not every business is the same or faces the same challenges with invalid and fraudulent traffic, so Google’s one size fits all approach isn’t up to par. 

Who could be committing click fraud on my ads?

Roughly 50% of internet traffic is non-human and the non-human bots will also click your ads. 

Fraudulent clicks come in many different forms, but the bulk of them can be summed up in distinct categories, explained below:

  • Bots traffic
  • Accidental clickers
  • Malicious competitors or customers
  • Organised click farms
Why can’t I see my Google ads anymore?

Are you clicking on your Google Ads repeatedly and not interacting with the site or committing accidental clicks? You could have blacklisted your IP address but there is a simple solution. If you are unintentionally blocked from seeing your ads due to accidentally clicking on them and costing you your own budget, we can simply whitelist your IP address. 

Just Google “what is my IP address” – it will look something like this, send it our way and we can whitelist you. But the question remains why are you or your staff clicking on your own Google ads?

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