Wriggle Marketing consists of a dedicated team; we are a fun energetic agency who believe in developing strong relationships with our clients but more importantly delivering results on their behalf. 


At Wriggle, the business puts a huge emphasis on staff training and we consider the development of our team paramount, and a key to our success in such a fast-moving industry.  The business provides the team with memberships at the local gym to allow all of our team to stay fit and healthy. We conduct regular staff socials and hope these can continue after the lockdown from COVID-19.


Our aim is to develop a strong and long lived working relationship with all of our clients. Wriggle will expose your business to your target market and will ensure you see a rise in sales and / or enquiries. The team at Wriggle Marketing wants your business to grow as much as you do.

Employee Benefits

Gym memberships

At Wriggle, we believe in keeping active and fit. We believe it makes our team happier; which is why we enrol all team members at the local gym and encourage them to use it as much as possible.

Regular Socials

We hold regular social events for our team! Anything from beers in the local and walks on Tynemouth beach, to horse racing at Gosforth Park.

Early finishes every other Friday

We know everyone looks forward to the weekend and we know leaving a touch earlier can make it feel that little bit longer. Every other Friday we split the team into two team and give each team the option to come in at 8am and finish at 4pm.

Skills Development

We want you to be the best you can be. We’ll support your development, helping you harness your potential and learn new skills. At Wriggle, we will put a plan together to allow you to develop you skills and we will review these once per quarter.

Friday Wind Down’s

After a busy week in the office, it is nice to wind down. For those who are in the office after 4pm on a Friday, out comes the beer, processco and / or ice creams.

Referral Schemes

Bonus awards for the successful introduction of new business.

Pension Scheme

We believe in your future. Our pension scheme helps you prepare for retirement through monthly contributions from both you and us.

Progression Opportunities

At Wriggle, we will support you to the next milestone on your career path. We are a growing business, and for those staff who show commitment and dedication, we will ensure you progress with the business.

We’d LOVE to hear from you, please get in touch!

We instructed Wriggle Marketing over 3 years ago and have never looked back. Wriggle have made significant changes to both our website and our web presence through SEO and Social Media channels. They are always quick to react and eager to please.

David Woodward, Todd and Cue Insurance

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