Wriggle Marketing consists of a small dedicated team; we are a fun energetic agency who believe in developing strong relationships with our clients.


Wriggle as a business put a huge emphasis on staff training and encourage all team members to spend time each week developing their skills be it through online training courses or national courses which will develop their skills and the core skills within the business.


Our aim is to develop a strong and long lived working relationship with our clients. Wriggle will expose your business to your target market and will ensure you see a rise in sales and / or enquiries. The team at Wriggle Marketing wants your business to grow as much as you do.

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Set our targets and we will hit them. One key factor that Wriggle brings to the table is that we aren’t afraid of a challenge. We strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients and that often means setting goals and targets and smashing them!

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Our team isn’t just clocking in and out like worker drones, biding time until the weekend. every single member of staff here is because they love their job and consistently strive for greatness. We are a dedicated team of creatives, each versed in their respective fields to help your business develop and grow.

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We are not a simple 9 – 5 agency. We are fully prepared to work around the clock in order to ensure deadlines are met and targets are hit! This is what separates Wriggle from the rest, you can trust that the job will not only be done but will be completed to a fantastically high standard, and that’s a Wriggle guarantee.

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We add value to you! As we work together, everyone here at Wriggle wants you to prosper, so we often make suggestions, offer advice, and point you in the right direction in order to assist in the growth of your site and optimise its conversions. Just like you would water a plant, we’ll help you grow.

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Now this is a big one, so often you see companies and businesses who are only interested in collecting an invoice and are seemingly uninterested in anything else. This very statement goes against everything Wriggle stands for and we hold our core beliefs to a very high standard! (We have a plaque in the wall and everything)


With that being said, we keep all of our clients up-to-date regarding everything going on, whether that’s through an open line of communication of phone and emails, or through a monthly report of your goings on. Driving past the office? pop in for a coffee!

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Meeting deadlines is one thing, but quality shouldn’t be sacrificed as a result of that. Even if things take a little bit longer, you can always trust that anything we at Wriggle deliver has been thoroughly tested, created, and moulded with love, care, and creativity.


We always ensure our deadlines are met and the final product is reflective of everything we believe in!

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We never miss a thing. Guaranteed.

We’d LOVE to hear from you, please get in touch!

We instructed Wriggle Marketing over 3 years ago and have never looked back. Wriggle have made significant changes to both our website and our web presence through SEO and Social Media channels. They are always quick to react and eager to please.

David Woodward, Todd and Cue Insurance

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