Newton Hall


Newton Hall is a luxury hotel and wedding venue set in the heart of the Northumberland County; an area acclaimed for its outstanding beauty and diverse countryside and coastal scenery. The traditional country house hosts unique weddings, private parties and corporate events and is also a great spot for those seeking accommodation to enjoy all that Northumberland has to offer.


Much like our other clients Le Petit Chateau and William De Percy, for Newton Hall we rebuilt and revitalised their website as part of our objectives. We also continue to work with them on their ongoing SEO strategy, to encourage positive ranking movements and also increase traffic.


After some hard work, we have the venue comfortably ranking for the terms:

‘Outdoor Wedding Northumberland’

‘Wedding Venue Northumberland’

‘Northumberland Weddings’ and many more, all on page one of Google.

After the launch of the new website we built for Newton Hall, we are working in conjunction with the client to revisit their SEO strategy and create a new projection for the coming months.