Wriggle started working with Homebuy back in 2015 and they have remained a client for the past 3 years. Our initial brief was solely to re-build their website, which was to be connected to a credit referencing agency to enable the business to make an instant online lending decision.


Within three months of us overhauling the website, we started online marketing using namely SEO & PPC. From these mediums, the business saw a spike of both quality traffic and applications within two weeks of the campaigns going live.


Within this website, there are numerous moving parts and different systems; all of which have a different function. One of these is an affordability system. This complex system was built for the client and conducts an affordability check based on data pulled from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The system goes onto calculate the user’s outgoings based on answers provided throughout the application and then use the ONS data to determine their disposable income. In addition to this, there are various other checks conducted, mainly by way of a credit check (where we get a full credit report and make an online lending decision in less than a second). Following this, a bespoke system built by Wriggle allows customers to sign their contracts online.


Recently, we have just launched a loan platform which allows the customer to take out a payday loan with the business.