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Social Media Newcastle

Helping brands become more social with their customers,

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Social Media Marketing

Interaction on a global scale

Extracting the potential from social media can be difficult. Especially when obstacles like a lack of resources, identifying meaningful metrics and understanding how it fits into your wider marketing are considered. Yet this is where Wriggle Marketing can help.

When considering, implementing and acting upon social media it is essential it is done in a measurable and logical way while ensuring you are building communities and being part of the conversation. This can make social media marketing a challenging prospect.

With a variety of social media accounts in various different industries we will help your business interact with its target market generating a presence within the social community.

Social Media Newcastle – Wriggle Marketing are a social media management agency within Newcastle and across the North East. If you would like to know anymore about our services then please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0191 276 7551.

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Social Media

We manage, create and analyse your social media channels to give you the best online representation for your business.

Social Media Optimisation

We optimise your social media platforms to target your customers, increasing social awareness and traffic to your website.

Paid Social

By developing a cross-platform social media advertising strategy, we can get your products and services in front of the right users.

Social Content

We create both written and graphic content designed for maximum social interaction.

Social reputation management

We deal with any social media interaction whether it be positive or negative. Resolving the issues and minimising any damage to your business.

Social Media Management

We manage, create and analyze your social media channels to give you the best online representation for your business.

Why use social media?

As social media has become a huge part of everyone’s lives, it is important that businesses get involved with this ever-changing world of social media. As a social media marketing agency Newcastle, we will provide you with the correct social media plan and implement this according to your business.


Social media is an important platform for every business, it targets specific audiences, enabling you to direct your target audience. Helping create a more focused marketing strategy.


Social media is not only a platform to help your audience build a relationship with but also to boost your SEO. The more of a well-rounded profile your business has, the better the SEO, including social media marketing.


As a social media marketing agency, we understand that local brand awareness is key. Which is why we will build your brand awareness locally and nationally. Social media will allow you to showcase yourself on different platforms. Gaining a wider acknowledgement from customers and prospective customers.

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Why use a social media agency in Newcastle?

At Wriggle Marketing, we are one of the top social media agencies in Newcastle and offer many services for social media. These include regular updates on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We will create a social plan for the month, take control of your notifications and messages, so it will leave you to focus on the day to day running’s of the business.


If needed we will create Facebook/Twitter designs in the style of your company, to keep with the branding of your business.


Social Media Platforms We Support

“social media marketing services pricing”

  • Basic Plan

  • FROM/ £299Month
    • Profile Configuration and Setup
    • Social Posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Continuous Platform Building
    • Full Monthly Report

Most Popular Option
  • Premium Plan

  • FROM/ £499Month
    • Profile Configuration and Setup
    • Social Posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram)
    • Continuous Platform Building
    • Full Monthly Report
    • 5 hours of Design Time
    • Social Advertising Management

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