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The Social Media landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s an opportunity that businesses can’t afford to miss out on. Social media sites have transformed online conversations directly with your customers, including what they want to see from you, how they want to see it, and where they want to interact. 

Utilised in the right way social media platforms can be one of the most powerful marketing tools that can transform your relationship with your customers, from perception, to engagement and clicking through to your site. As a specialist digital marketing agency with an expert social media marketing team, Wriggle can offer you a comprehensive, creative and strategic social media service that hits all your social and wider marketing objectives.

Our social media delivery will tick all of the following boxes:

  • Grow an engaged audience
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Build brand awareness, trust and positive sentiment
  • Place you at the forefront of your customers minds
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Why your Social Media needs the Wriggle touch

The social media experts at Wriggle have the experience and knowledge to ensure you are really maximising your potential across all active social media platforms.

Initially, we would perform an in depth social audit to not only understand your business and social presence to get fully up to speed with who you are and what you do, but to understand your audience, both existing and potential. This will allow us to create an informed social strategy going forwards.

The team pride themselves on staying up to date in the ever changing world of social media, in terms of industry trends, tools and best practices, to ensure that we deliver the best possible approach to all social media activity, and to keep it in line with your wider marketing activity and objectives.

We utilise both organic and paid social activity in a joint up approach, ensuring an authentic brand personality, and engaging targeted content to drive you towards your goals. If you choose to also take up our SEO services, we can work collaboratively with the SEO team for a joint approach to blog and social content to further drive results.

Social Media services we offer:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategy & Optimisation
  • Social Media Insight & Reporting
  • Paid Social
  • Social Media Crisis Management

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Why Choose Wriggle

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Social Media Platforms to make a presence!


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms as a way to market your product or service, and to connect with your existing audience as well as potential customers. More people than ever use social media and that number is only growing, so businesses can capitalise on this by being in the same social media space too.

A solid social media marketing strategy, using the right social media platforms, and sharing optimised content for your business can be hugely advantageous. Wriggle can help you choose the correct platforms, and social media marketing strategy that suits your goals.

Why is it important to choose the right Social Media Platforms?

A common misconception is that businesses should have a presence on every social media platform, but this isn’t the case. Choosing the right platforms is essential for your business to thrive in that space, otherwise you will spend time and money on social media activity that isn’t suited to your brand, achieving poor results.

It is key for us to understand your wider business and marketing goals, in order to select the most appropriate social media platforms that will help you hit those targets. Your social media strategy and campaigns should integrate seamlessly with your top level marketing plan, from the social media platforms you are present on, right down to the individual posts you create.

Whether your goals for social media is to reach and grow your audience, increase your engagement, drive traffic to site, or communicate with your customers, Wriggle can help you select the appropriate social media platforms to ensure real results.

How do you learn about our organisation to create your Social Media presence?

Before any work starts on the account, as part of our onboarding process all of our clients are sent a client onboarding questionnaire (this can take circa 2 hours to fill in). This questionnaire gives the team at Wriggle an in-depth understanding of the business overall.

In addition to this, a social media audit will be carried out on your active accounts to provide a detailed insight into your current activity, performance and audience. From this we can provide strategic direction, informed content creation, and paid social recommendations that align with your goals and objectives.

If you’re a brand new business we can guide you through the social media profile set up process, and assist with all the correct graphics and information you need to get up and running as soon as possible, as well as provide advice and guidance on your social media approach for launch.

What if we already have a Social Media presence, what value can you add for us?

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on your existing content can really have a positive effect. We can audit and analyse all of your social media, provide a fresh direction or strategy suggestions, implement paid activity, and even work with you on one-off creative campaigns for a specific project.

Social media is a never ending task, and staying relevant and innovative is key.

How long does it take to see results?

A common misconception is that social media activity will see instant results. The reality is that it takes a lot longer to implement and see a return on investment. Wriggle adopt a test and learn approach, coupled with frequent insight reporting to optimise all social media activity for the best results, but patience is key.

Building a collaborative organic and paid social media strategy takes time, but will be worth it!

Do you provide Social Media reporting?

Of course! A monthly review is essential to analyse what is and isn’t working through your social media content and paid activity, in order to inform the next months. We cover all relevant metrics, as well as key actions to take, advice, best practices and suggestions.

All of our social media reporting can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Client Results

Take a look at a selection of the exceptional results we have achieved for some of our clients. From high percentage increases in organic traffic, to cost per click savings, and increased revenue, we deliver a digital marketing service that achieves results.

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