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Extract The Potential With A Hands-On Social Media Agency in Newcastle

A marketing tool your business simply cannot afford to forget; Social media has totally transformed the way brands now interact with their customers. However, a lack of resources, failure to identify meaningful metrics and misunderstanding how it fits into your wider marketing strategy can mean that extracting the potential can be difficult. This is where you need Wriggle Marketing.


As a specialist social media agency based in Newcastle, we will work with your business to create a social media strategy that ticks the following boxes:


✔️Understands and feeds your target audience
✔️Delivers your brand promise
✔️Builds brand awareness
✔️Boosts customer loyalty
✔️Drives traffic to your website


We will take the time to learn your business inside and out in order to get up to speed with who you are and what you do. While understanding what you want to achieve through your social media marketing and analysing your existing social presence, ie we can figure out what works and what needs improvement.

What Do We Offer?

Social Media

We manage all aspects of your social media; from content creation, nurturing your accounts to analysing the nitty-gritty to give your business the best online representation possible.

Social Media Optimisation

We optimise your social media platforms to nail your niche, target your customers, increase your social awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Paid Social

By developing a cross-platform social media advertising strategy, we can get your products and services in front of the right users, at exactly the right time.

Social Content

From written posts, infographics, artwork and videography – we create on-brand content for maximum social engagement.

Social reputation

Don’t take it personally – good AND bad interaction is inevitable online. As you are (understandably) extremely close to your business, we will deal with any social media interaction on your behalf, resolving any issues and minimising any damage to your business.

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Why Your Social Media Needs The Wriggle Touch

Social media is not a 9-5 – to see great results, you need to invest the time, and when you’re busy running your own business – time is of the essence. Let Wriggle Marketing combine our time with our experience, knowledge and position to identify and deliver exactly what your audience wants from your social media and digital marketing.


Social media is not only a platform to help your audience build a relationship with but also to boost your SEO. The more of a well-rounded profile your business has, the better the SEO, including social media marketing.

Ready to get social?