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Good quality content is one of the main factors which drives your rankings up and therefore, is a great driver for traffic. Not only do blogs help the SEO side of your website, but it also helps your branding.


Having quality content helps give a positive impression to your brand. Showing that you are active online and keeping up to date with the industry knowledge is so important to your consumers.

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If your job doesn’t allow you to have the time to write blog posts, then don’t worry. Here at Wriggle Marketing, we will understand your industry, then do in-depth research into some of the hot topics/latest trends. We will write blog posts and upload them to the site, taking out all the stress for you, so you can focus on the business!

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Search engines love new content (as long as it’s good quality), which is why blogs are a great place to start, as it will provide fresh content for your site. Although blogs are a large part, we are always finding areas to improve upon. If we find that your site needs optimising, one option we may consider is to update the website’s content.


We will not change anything without running it past the client first, but once we get the all-clear, we will write optimised content that’s perfect to help increase your website’s ranking. In some cases, really great quality content goes viral.

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We will optimise the content in whichever way we believe it needs. Before writing it, we will check the keywords, Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords and common phrases which are used in the industry. We will also add in some internal and external links – which are really important! We will ensure we add these in, however, it is important not to be too keyword heavy, ensuring it reads naturally to the consumer.
As part of the SEO optimisation process, we will input photos, videos [youtube] and different media types into the content. We will ensure we optimise these by filling out the ALT text, and any other fields which need to be for it to be fully optimised. We will find appropriate photos and media for the content, ensuring it fits the branding of the site.


For more information on SEO content creation, contact us. We are always happy to help and resolve any queries you may have.

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