Keyword Research

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Thorough and extensive keyword research is essential; the keywords chosen from the outstrip will form the structure of your campaign and dictate the strategy you adopt. It is about driving quality traffic to your website who wish to engage with your products and or services. If your keyword research is incorrect then your SEO campaign, as a result, will be a failure. While you may see an uplift in traffic, it won’t be the right type of traffic.

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Keyword research is the research which an SEO agency carries out on your behalf. It is all well and good ranking for terms which you think are relevant, but agencies are able to tell you which specific keywords and search terms are searched for and how many times they are searched for on a monthly basis. Would you rather be at the top of Google for something which is searched ten times per month (Wriggle will get you there within a month) or rank at the top of Google for a search term which is searched for over 500 times per month (this takes longer but the reward is much greater)?
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There are a variety of tools available which allow you to check the keyword volumes and the most common phrases. We firstly look at the standard keywords (sometimes known as short tail) and then long tail keywords. After this, we use online tools to develop a list of LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) to give better website visibility.


At Wriggle, we tend to use the Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer and SE Ranking, along with a number of other specialist tools. Before we conduct any form of keyword research we have a product or service session with the client as it is essential that we have an in-depth understanding of all of the products and services that your business offers.


Starting with in-depth keyword research is important to a successful SEO campaign. Once your website has traffic flowing to it, we can look at the conversion rate optimisation, sometimes known as CRO.

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If you have any questions regarding your Keyword research or regarding the keywords which you have chosen then please feel free to contact the office on 0191 276 7551 or email tickleus@wrigglemarketing.co.uk.