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Why Is Conversion Rate So Important?

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What Is A Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that came to your website and completed the desired action. For example if 100 users visit your site, and only 8 select ‘buy’, then your conversion rate is 8%. Evidently, the higher the conversion rate the better! 
Conversion rate can be dependent one a number of factors, such as clear calls to action, speed of page response, and so on. These all create an obstacle in the way of a visitor landing on the page and completing the desired action.

Why Are Conversion Rates Important?

Conversion rates are an extremely important metric. They enable marketers to compare and contrast the performance of various advertising channels by identifying the successes and failures you can work to optimise your advertising approach. 

Conversion rates can predict success of failure

They can help indicate whether your business is on the right track or not, and help predict which visitors are likely to become your best customers. So by monitoring this you can help optimise your website and target your best customers.

Better conversion rates can save you money

Increasing the conversion rates of your online marketing campaigns is a more efficient and cheaper way to boost your profits. By improving your conversion rates, you can lower customer acquisition costs. Even if you are only seeing a small amount of traffic, you can start making more money from that traffic, increasing in your popularity, and therefore enabling you to get even more traffic.

Focusing on conversion rates will help improve your website 

As you discover which factors are most important for driving conversions on your website, you’ll eventually learn how to make your site more valuable for visitors and customers. Conversion rate optimisation makes your page make sense to users, helping to reduce friction and user anxiety. Unlike search engine optimisation, which can take months to show real, positive results, conversion rate optimisation provides immediate results.
Focusing on your conversion rates can help to improve your website, as it will help you discover how to make your website more valuable for visitors.

Identifying Areas to Optimise

When used correctly, conversion rate analysis can reveal which channels are most effective, and which are the most ineffective. Start by optimising the channel that brings in the most traffic as this will bring about faster and greater impact. Then look at the channels with lower conversion rate, as these can be used to spot issues with your website.
Here are a few of our top tips for boosting your conversion rate:

#TIP1 – Make your landing page responsive!

Make sure your landing page is responsive and optimised for both mobile and desktop use as this will help to improve conversion rate.

#TIP2 – Sharpen your ads

Nailing your ad copy is essential! Stand out from your competitors by using catchy and engaging content.

#TIP3 – Make your call to actions clear!

If your call to action is small and unclear it’s more likely that the user will skim past it. So make sure it’s unmissable.

#TIP4 – Boost your social media

Encourage visitors to follow you on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Larger followings, mean wider reach!
However it’s important to remember that, although conversion rates are an extremely important metric in the digital marketing world, they are not always accurate. So ensure to carefully evaluate all of the data before being blinded by high or low conversion rates, as they alone do not necessarily indicate that campaigns are profitable.
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