Are You Protecting Your Ad Spend To Get The Most Out Of Your Budget?
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Are You Protecting Your Ad Spend To Get The Most Out Of Your Budget?

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As we are all aware the last couple of years have created many additional challenges and problems for businesses, shifting many from offline to online during the global lockdown restrictions. With a huge surge in online traffic, many of these businesses can be inexperienced or generally unaware that they are facing additional challenges with invalid clicks on their websites. 

Google reportedly blocking just 1-2% of invalid clicks demonstrates how neglectful Google’s policies can be, when 11% of search and 36% of display clicks were illegitimate, according to this industry accepted Invalid Click Survey. This has led new advertisers to create and optimise campaigns based on traffic and clicks that could be from invalid sources that are not genuinely interested in your business. 

What Issues Can You Face With Your Ad Spend?

The issue is not just from bots, click farms and malicious competitors, but a whole host of users, including yourself or your own staff, unintentionally clicking on your ads with no intention of interacting or purchasing.

There is a lot of data and statistics out there but it’s difficult to see how it affects you and your business. With much of the research conducted by businesses that sell a service, this can be seen as biased. So why hasn’t Google created a solution? but more importantly what does that mean for you and your business?

Click Fraud Prevention

If you are receiving invalid clicks it means your data is skewed, and key metrics such as your click through rate and even conversion rate appearing higher. Most businesses are suffering from invalid traffic at some level, and because traffic quality can change overnight, it’s something you need to continually be protected against. The best way to protect your business is to ensure it is monitored and/or preventive measures are in place with click fraud protection services, as long as the perceived savings outway the costs. 

By diving deep into how click fraud prevention works you can quickly see the benefits.

Advanced AI can monitor your ads in real time, analysing each individual click and using data from millions of clicks to analyse if the click is in fact fraudulent or legitimate. The clicks on the ad are monitored via a funnel that takes less than 100ms faster than the blink of an eye, so as not to cause any performance issues. 

The monitoring funnel allows for thousands of pieces of unique data, including IP address, device ID, resolution, user agent, location and more. The data is then cross-referenced, all still in real time, with existing data of fraudulent devices/activity and global blacklists, with the aid of machine learning to identify new fraudulent activity. 

The IP is then blocked so your ads no longer show, preventing clicks from taking place in the future. If you are unintentionally blocked from seeing your ads by clicking on your own ads, costing yourself your own budget, we can whitelist your IP address but the question is why are you clicking on your own ads? This is costing you money.

Benefits To Click Fraud Prevention

There are a huge list of benefits to applying click fraud prevention, such as;

  • Stopping invalid users – Remove them from your funnel and focus your spend where it matters.
  • Filtering suspicious traffic – Not all bad traffic is fraudulent but it can still use your budget.
  • Excluding Traffic Automatically – Block IP addresses so your ad no longer shows.
  • Transparent data – When data includes invalid traffic, it’s impossible to make effective decisions from it.

Find out more and take up Wriggle’s offer of a two week free trial of our click fraud protection service here or contact us today!

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