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International Women’s Day 2020

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Why Do We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

This weekend, it was International Women’s Day (Sunday March 8 2020), a day to celebrate female equality and empowerment and the achievements that women have carved personally, professionally and politically (since 1909).
It is a global celebration to reflect on how far women have come, advocacy for what is still needed to change and break down barriers and start new conversations.

What is the history of International Women’s Day?

There’s an enormous history behind International Women’s Day, with the first celebration being in 1909 celebrated 15,000 women who protested against long working hours with low pay and a serious lack of political voting rights.
Year after year, there continues to be a set theme for the day, this is after the United Nations officially recognised the day in 1975 and in 1996 came a yearly theme to mark the calendar event. with the first theme being ‘Celebrating the past, Planning for the future” and 2020’s theme being #EachForEqual.
To celebrate, businesses worldwide used the day to shine an extra spotlight on women in their companies. Here at Wriggle, we did just that! We shared an insight into the careers of the women in our office asking them to tell us what a typical day at work is like, what they have learnt from Wriggle, what they enjoy about their job, what their goals for the year ahead are and for any advice that they would share to those starting out. So without further a do, meet the women at Wriggle…


Meet Georgia; Wriggle’s Content Creator who has been with us for one year this month!

What is your typical day at Wriggle like?
My typical day at the Wriggle office starts from anywhere between 8:30 and 8:50am, and usually with a cup of coffee in hand. My first task is to go through the projects I have worked on the previous day and plan for my day ahead, before the team has a quick briefing meeting each morning. I then check my emails and our Wriggle Marketing social feeds. 
This tends to be how most of my mornings start and then my day varies from creating a range of content for our clients. This can be anything managing social media accounts, writing page content, blog posts, creating email marketing campaigns, client meetings and general office admin.
What have you learned from Wriggle?

I’ve learnt so much in my first year with Wriggle!

On a whole, I’ve learnt a lot from the team I have around me. From asking questions to watching how they take on a task – there’s always something new to learn and I think this is one of the best things you can do!

My technical knowledge in general has developed massively and continues to – And on a personal level my confidence has grown massively since working at Wriggle. It’s small things in hindsight; for example I laugh because I remember when I first started, the thought of answering the phone terrified me! But now I’m completely not fazed by it.

What do you enjoy about working at Wriggle?

That every day is different!

I’m learning something new every day because we work with a variation of clients in so many different industries, it means that every day I’m creating for a new audience and I’m writing/thinking about something different. Alongside working with a great team – there’s never a dull moment with us all!

What are your work goals for the year ahead?
To keep creating valued cross-platform content for our clients and Wriggle and to keep growing in my role as much as I can. developing my skills, knowledge and learning new ways of doing things to help the business continue to grow.
What advice would you give to someone starting out? 
When you’re working in an agency it’s always beneficial to not sit in a ‘niche’. You need to be aware of both your competition and the world around you. For example – build a good list of reading, watching and listening. From websites, blogs, social, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, radio and TV – you will learn A LOT from how pieces are created and tailored for different platforms and audiences, in terms of language, tone and approach. Even if it is about an industry that you don’t know much about – sometimes the best ideas are found where you are least expecting!
And on a general note – soak up as much as you can from your team around you. Everyone has different levels of experience and knowledge, so ask questions (even the silly ones!), watch how they do a task – don’t be too hard on yourself, if you’re not learning then you aren’t growing.


Meet Jess; Wriggle’s Junior Designer, who has been with us nine months!

What is your typical day at Wriggle like?
A typical day at the wriggle office would usually start with a nice cup of tea! I then plan my day and get cracking! I am usually always multitasking, working on various projects whether that be designing web sites, social plans, brochures, proposals etc. I often have meetings with clients or the team to keep up to date on ongoing projects and to gather feedback!
What have you learned from Wriggle?
I have started to use Adobe XD to design websites which is a great tool to use! I also have been learning CSS and HTML so I can assist the developer and to be able to make edits on the backend of websites confidently. My general knowledge on digital marketing has improved massively since working here which is very handy when designing digital based work.
What do you enjoy about working at Wriggle?
I really enjoy the variation of clients I work with as I’m doing something different every day! I also work with a great team.
What are your work goals for the year ahead?
For me it’s to enhance my UX skills and to learn more CSS and HTML.
What advice would you give to someone starting out? 
My advice is there is a lot of competition out there so only pick your best pieces of work for your portfolio! about 6-8 examples is enough. 
How did your business celebrate International Women’s Day? We would love to know, share it with us…

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