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How Wriggle Marketing Can Help Your Business In 2020

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As of today, most people are returning back to work feeling more motivated than ever. 
Do you want 2020 to be a year for growth and real substantial change for your business? Therefore now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. We have put together a guide to our key services with everything from SEO, Social Media Management, Website Design and many more to show how we as one small digital marketing agency can deliver big results to your business. 

Here’s how Wriggle Marketing can help your business in 2020…

Our Services


First impressions count, right? As the famous saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. So try thinking of your company branding as your initial first impression. It is often the first time a potential client or customer will be introduced to your product or service, and it is what will get your company noticed but most importantly – remembered. 
Let’s take three brand giants for example: 
Coca Cola

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear these names? 

The logo? The colour palette? The visual aesthetic is often what instantly draws the connection between brand and product and helps your audience to form familiarity with you and recognise you from a crowd of competitors. Here at Wriggle Marketing, our in-house Graphic Designers can work with you to understand exactly what your business is all about, what service or product you are selling and what your overall ‘vibe’ is, to bring ideas to the table that are forward thinking to come up with unique branding to put your name on the map and place yourself ahead of the competition. 

Website Design & Build

Living in such a digitally driven culture right now, almost everything can be found online or on an app. As an extension to your branding, our Design department here at Wriggle can design and develop a fresh new website for you to host your key information, meet the team profiles and display the product or service you are selling in all its glory. 
Our approach to Website Design is simple,; in five steps we begin with:

  1. Pre-Production Phase – We will do a large amount of research into both your business and your competitors to ensure that we have the best understanding of how you operate and how your sector portrays themselves to their customers. We will get to know you and your business to understand how you operate and what your core values are.
  2. Conceptual Design Drafts – After we understand you and the sector as a whole, we can then start to ‘draft design’ your site. This will be based on your brief and any ideas you have or have shown likeness towards. All of our designs will be shown visually, in addition to showcasing the designs in a mobile version. This is to help the client fully understand what the final design will look like on multiple devices. (Did you know that mobile accounts for approximately half of website traffic across the globe?)
  3. Design Finalisation – Once you have chosen the ‘draft design’ that you like the most, we will work with you to design a great website! We find communication throughout the project is key to our success, which will ensure that the design is exactly how you want it and ultimately, will reduce amendment times at the end.
  4. Production & Development This is where our design comes to life. The fully complete design is then passed over to the development department. We ensure that the site follows the design to each individual pixel and all functionalities of the site are working to the best they can be. Here at Wriggle Marketing we always push ourselves to make each product/website better than the last.
  5. Testing – This is the penultimate stage of the process. The site has been created and is ready for the last checks. Both the front end designer and the back end developer will carry out a checklist, ensuring that it works technically correct and looks great from a visual point too. This includes cross browser and device testing, ensuring that it works great from a mobile perspective too in addition to desktop.

SEO – 

Having a beautiful website is one thing, but getting quality traffic which is likely to result in a sale or enquiry is another. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one method of achieving this. We have an experienced SEO team here at Wriggle, who can assist you in choosing the right keywords for your business where there is search volume behind them and then map them to specific pages on your website in order to maximise the possibility of a conversion. 
Not sure where to start? It’s simple! We can carry out a no obligation SEO consultation on your website, for free! We will invite you in for a coffee and go through the audit that we conduct on your website, along with our keyword research, to walk you through a do-able plan. 
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Social Media Management – 

Extracting the potential from social media can be difficult. Especially when obstacles like a lack of resources, identifying meaningful metrics and understanding how it fits into your wider marketing are considered. Yet this is where Wriggle Marketing can help.
Social Media is an integral aspect of any business. Your customers and clients now not only look at your website and products, but they follow your brand story on your social media platforms too, which begs the question; when did you last post? Are you posting engaging content? Have any customers left any reviews? Social Media is a brilliant method of creating a brand-customer relationship in today’s digital age. 
With Wriggle Marketing, we are able to produce Social Media plans tailored to cover each of your platforms to ensure that you are up-to-date and relevant. But what else can we offer you? 

  • Social Media Management – We can manage, create and analyse your Social Media channels to give you the best online representation for your business 
  • Social Media Optimisation – We optimise your Social Media platforms to target your customers, increasing social awareness and traffic to your website
  • Paid Social Adverts – By developing a cross-platform social media advertising strategy, we can get your products and services in front of the right users 
  • Social Content Creation – We create both on-brand written and graphic content designed for maximum social interaction 
  • Social Reputation Management – Your reputation matters! Both physically and online, therefore we can deal with any interaction (positive or negative!) on your social channels, resolving issues and minimising any damage to your business, on your behalf

Remarketing & PPC

In addition to all of the above, have you tapped into the idea of Remarketing yet? Or PPC

  • Did you know that 96% of users will leave your website without converting?
  • And 49% of visitors browse a website 2-4 times before they make a purchase? 

Remarketing is a method that can be utilised on Social Media, to remind your audience about a particular product or service that they have once looked into. Remarketing simply follows the user in order to re-engage them and direct them back to your website. 
Google Ads on the other hand, or as it is more commonly known Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is where your adverts are triggered by a string of particular keywords searched. It allows you to spend your budget wisely specifying the maximum daily spend, the times of the day you want your advert to show and in addition to this you can specify which country, which regions or which postcode area you would like your advert to be shown. 
Wriggle Marketing have clients with varied amounts of different budgets from £100’s of pounds per month to £10’s of thousands of pounds per month. Let us see your campaign today!
SEO Team


Analytical Data – 

Looking into your business analytics is essential. It provides an in-depth analysis of how users are navigating their way around your site. 
Simple changes can be made in order to improve your website, your user experience, magnify a stumbling block or increase engagement and conversion rate by using a number of different analytical tools. Whether it be moving a ‘call to action’ button into a more prominent position or optimising a particular page for example. 
But what can we do that’s different? With specialist software, Wriggle Marketing can not only tell you what businesses have been looking at your website and provide daily reports for you, but we can also track every user’s mouse movement across your website to the point of exit. By tracking user mouse movements you can gain invaluable information which informs you on how your website is being viewed and used by your users. This data allows you to change aspects to increase both engagement and conversion rates.

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