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Hello Soda

HelloSoda, Unlocking Social Data

What is HelloSoda?

Wriggle Marekting as an approved integrator of HelloSodas’ Profile platform believes this software unlocks so much more information than what is contained in ’structured data’. Using the HelloSoda platform it gives you the supplier the opportunity to look closely at your customers allowing your business to look at a variety of different aspects such likes and dislikes, the customers personality traits and who they interact with. Moreover the HelloSoda API returns a score on aspects such as spending habits, employment, ability to perform on a loan, a fraud risk score and much much more.

Who Uses HelloSoda?

The HelloSoda Profile API can be used across a multitude of different industries and can add real value and insights into a customer who the business is trading with. Wriggle have experience in implementing this for businesses wishing to make online lending decisions. The rules which can be implemented can be joined with more traditional methods of data such as credit reports and form part of a business’ decision tree.