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Google Adwords

Focus on your target market
with a fantastic Google Adword Campaign from us


Google Adwords or as it more commonly know as Pay Per Click (PPC), this is where your adverts are triggered if a string of particular keywords are typed into Google.

PPC is where your advert is displayed at the top of the page or down the right hand side (we will get you into the top 3), and you pay per person who clicks on your adverts. This marketing medium allows you as a business to target various different keywords / search terms which are relevant to your business and your target market, it allows you to change with the search trends and seasons.

Google Adwords allows you to spend your budget wisely specifying the maximum daily spend, the times of the day you want your advert to show and in addition to this you can specify which country, which regions or which post code area you would like your advert to be shown. Only want to advertise in one particular area, no problem!

Google Adwords offers flexibility and allows you as a business to really focus on your target market ensuring you remain within your budget. Wriggle Marketing have clients with lots of different budgets from £100’s of pounds per month to £10’s of thousands of pounds per month. Let us see your campaign!