PPC for Snackfully

PPC for Snackfully

The Brief

Wriggle took on the challenge of optimising and enhancing Snackfullys paid performance. Snackfully had a great base to build from but needed our agency expertise to take it to the next level. As a relatively new business Snackfully needed to focus on obtaining new customers that could increase transactions and as a result, increase revenue whilst keeping to strict margins.

Our Approach

Wriggle established a multi-channel approach to paid search (PPC) by targeting different demographics and a range of new customers on multiple platforms such as Google and Microsoft Bing. We targeted customers across multiple campaign types, funnelling traffic to the point of conversion and inducing new users to create a sales funnel. We wanted to maximise our investments and make sure the traffic we paid for is relevant, eliminating invalid traffic with the use of our click fraud prevention platform by blocking irrelevant and fraudulent clicks. In order to ensure strong growth online and offline whilst maintaining a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS), we targeted lead generation goals creating enquiries and calls as well as direct ecommerce conversions. This was a significant part of the account wide strategy to engage with users and expand our target audience in order to funnel traffic and create new paths to purchase.

result of the quarter

+ 263%

in revenue

Wriggle Marketing

272.04% increase

in transactions

159.09% increase

in new users

38.34% increase

for the conversion rate

8.62% increase


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