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PPC - Not Just a Print

The Brief

Not Just A Print came to Wriggle after struggling to achieve their return targets and wanted to be able to creatively target seasonal events. The aim was to increase profitability and target an increased customer base at key parts of the year. Many products have a small window of opportunity to gain traction and Not Just A Print was unable to capitalise on the social and economic peaks.

Our Approach

Our strategy involved using promotion codes for a limited time period tied to gift periods and events for example the Platinum Jubilee and Fathers Day. This created a sense of urgency encouraging users to buy now during the limited time offer. To do this we created a search promotion extension and a merchant promotion to allow us to promote the offer across search and shopping ads.This resulted in an increase in the conversion rate as users were more likely to make a purchase when receiving a discount. In addition we create a dynamic search ad that targets the trending tab which promotes seasonal products and it then allows us to target the changing products range via search automatically.

Our Results



in impressions



in Transactions



in Conversion Rates



in Revenue

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