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lunar shoes

The Brief

Lunar Shoes had historically struggled to get a profitable return from other agencies and had run their Google ads account inconsistently. They challenged us to increase revenue and ROAS month on month to further enhance their performance and allow us to set competitive benchmarks which can be used for comparisons next year.

Our Approach

Our strategy surrounded enhancing the existing account performance to optimise the merchant shopping feed and to get the most out of their Google ad spend. We started by optimising the merchant feed, improving existing titles, descriptions and filling in missing attributes to enhance their shopping listings. We then used a Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) in order to fully invest their bid and become increasingly competitive in the ad auction. To make sure we invested the Google ad spend in the best way possible we implemented our Click Fraud Prevention tool to block invalid IP’s, traffic source, bots and potential competitors from wasting the ad spend. We also carefully monitored our search results to make sure the traffic we were receiving was relevant and providing positive return, if this wasn’t the case we would prevent the us from bidding on it in the auction again and added it as a negative keyword.

Our Results

21.7% increase

in Revenue

March vs Feb 2022

22.8% increase

in impressions

March vs Feb 2022

9.5% increase


March vs Feb 2022

£482 saving

Click Fraud

March vs Feb 2022

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