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SEO and PPC Case Studies

Grisport: Boosting Digital Reach, Engagement and Revenue with Effective PPC and SEO strategies

The Brief

Wriggle were instructed to improve Grisport’s SEO performance further, particularly as the business was being impacted by the global pandemic, different market trends and social economic factors. Our objective was to improve Grisport’s overall organic metrics including revenue, conversions, new users, sessions, clicks and impressions.

Once we had made a start on the SEO, Grisport came to us wanting to further develop their marketing channels by expanding into new markets during an ever evolving and rapidly changing marketplace. They challenged us to showcase their innovative designs and premium product range to a wider market, whilst navigating the challenging terrain influenced by the global pandemic and the sudden shift in consumer habits through PPC. When we first started working with the business they were very cautious from a PPC perspective and did not wish to invest, this changed after a short trial period!

Our Approach

Our team at Wriggle analysed all existing data using our analytics tools, Google Trends and SEO tools to find areas of opportunities. Based on the previous SEO campaign we’ve implemented, we focused our efforts on re-optimising product categories and individual products which included a combination of keyword research, content marketing and on-page optimisation. We are constantly looking for areas of improvement to keep up with the change in season, trends and consumer habits.

From a PPC & Google Shopping perspective we researched the external factors that influence and drive traffic to the site with the use of Google Trends, and cross referenced the time periods along with high demand seasons. We highlighted the shifting seasonal patterns and capitalised with merchant promotions around key performing times. Grisport’s marketplace had become very competitive and crowded, so we evaluated the traffic and found suspicious and invalid traffic likely from bots and competitors clicking on ads to waste ad spend. In order to ensure we targeted relevant traffic with intent and the results speak for themselves.

Our Results



in Organic Revenue

44% increase

in Organic E-Commerce Conversion Rate

2.48% vs 1.72%

16% increase

in Organic Page Views

200,087 vs 171,830

36% increase

in Clicks

55.2K VS 40.3K

19% increase

in Impressions

3.2M vs 2.69M

2022 vs 2023 Shopping Performance



in revenue



in conversions



in profitability all for 15% increase in costs

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