SEO for Permatt

SEO for Permatt

The Brief

We wanted to increase both overall website traffic and organic traffic to Permatt after traffic was quite stagnant at the back end of 2021. We spent the first few months of 2022 working on improving and optimising page content, particularly on the forklift-truck pages.

Our Approach

We reviewed some of the priority pags that we knew were very important to Permatt and where a lot of their organic traffic came from however had dipped towards the back end of 2021. We optimised this page content with a strong emphasis on keywords and included popular search terms that had high search volume. We were concious not to overload these pages with content as it would not be mobile friendly however we made sure that there was enough for improved SEO performance.

result of the quarter

+ 61%

in Organic Search

361 vs 581

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