SEO for Miko Engineering

SEO for Miko Engineering

The Brief

A lot of the main product pages for Miko Engineering had missing on-page information which was holding Miko's organic traffic back. We wanted to add optimised, keyword focused on-page information to their product pages to fully maximise the potential SEO performance for these pages, thus bringing more organic traffic to the website.

Our Approach

We reviewed their main product pages that were missing on-page information and carried out extensive keyword and competitor research for the high performing domains for competiting products. This helped us generate a strong idea as to which keywords we needed to include into the on-page information for these product pages. We prioritised the most popular products as this would likely see the biggest difference and allow for greater visibility for the website and more organic traffic.

result of the quarter


New Keywords

Wriggle Marketing

26 Product Pages

in the top 10

Positions on Google

20% increase

in organic search when comparing Feburary to March

586 vs 706

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