How will GDPR affect digital marketing agencies?

How will GDPR affect digital marketing agencies?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. This affects the way organisations take care of customer’s personal data. If companies do not comply with the new law, then they will be fined a huge amount which could affect the future of a business.
This has been put into place to make sure that customers privacy is kept protected. Companies from May 2018 will have to show where customers data is going, how it will be protected and what is will be used for and if every piece of information is accounted for. Personal data has been extended and will now include a customer’s IP address and any genetic make-up which can identify you in any way. It includes data like social media, location, economic and interests which can affect adverts from your paid campaigns on google and Facebook etc.

How will it affect digital marketers?

All data which digital marketers use has to have been given consent by the customer. You need to know when the consent was given and understand that this consent will not last forever. This needs to be regularly updated. This can be done by sending an email out asking if they still want to be part of the mailing list.
Customers have to ‘opt in’ to a mailing list. Now many marketers already have that button pre-selected and the customer would have to un-tick the box. Whereas this will have to be changed for the new law.
Customers are able to use the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule. This allows the customers to demand that their data must be erased. This then means that the data held by that organisation and third parties who you have passed it onto must have that contacts data removed.
Keep a record of your updated customers list, how they opted in and what date they did this. As at any given time you may be requested to show this information. We would suggest that you keep this information in a “.csv” type format.


  • Run a re-permissioning email campaign for current contacts.
  • Make sure you activate an opt-in button.
  • Make sure the cookies are on opt-in before you start use them for that contact.
  • Create a well thought out system to ensure you collect the right data for when new contacts opt-in to the contact list.

For an average business it will take about 12-15 months to prepare for the new law. However, companies do not seem to be taking it seriously and have not started the preparation.
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