Why is email marketing so important?

Some customers receive hundreds of emails monthly, weekly or even daily! Therefore, making sure your email campaign stands out is essential. It is a great platform to present your business to your customers, enabling you to showcase your company. As millions of people sign up for email marketing, it is a platform that your company should take seriously, as it can put yourself above your competitors. It is part of any successful marketing campaign as it allows you to control what you want your customers to see. Constantly giving them information which is relevant to your company at that particular time. Therefore, we have come up with 5 reasons why your business should adopt this approach and why it will be beneficial for your company.   #1 Personable Email marketing is all about segmenting your audience into different sections due to their common interests. It can be made personal due to the knowledge about your customer’s interests, demographics and behaviours. One of the simplest ways to personalise an email is to address the customer by name. This can be a small touch but can be an effective approach to help your customers stay within the email.   #2 Informative Not all emails have to be SPAMS, emails can be informative. This allows the customer to build a positive relationship and loyalty between the company and themselves. If the email is informative or attracts the customer, then it will be opened at a convenient time for them. As it will be stored in their inbox until a time which suits them. Therefore, you will know that it will be read if the content is right for your customers.   #3 Measurable Email marketing will give you all the facts in one place. It will allow you to see:
  • Open rate
  • Click through rate
  • Deliverability
  • Subscriber retention
  • Return on Investment (RoI)
This will allow you to trial and error what sort of email your customers react to the most. Therefore, this will enable your business to test, measure, learn and improve upon future emails.   #4 Low cost Email marketing is low cost due to there being no printing or posting costs attached to it. There are different programmes of email marketing to allow you to pay different amounts depending on how much time you are going to invest into this platform.   #5 Reaching out to the mobile audience Consumers are using their mobile devises more frequently, therefore with email marketing being accessible on these devises, it allows you to connect to more customers. Therefore, this should increase your open rates due to consumers being only one click away from the email.   If you would like help on creating targeted email marketing campaigns to gain the best possible leads and to ensure that prospective customers open the emails, then get in contact with us. For more information on email marketing, please click here.

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