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Web Design Trends 2019

As we welcome in a new year, along comes a whole load of new digital trends to keep up to date with. Keeping up to date with web design trends is crucial! Over the last few years, we have seen plenty of algorithm updates, site structure changes and even different visual preferences. Today, the team at Wriggle Marketing have taken the time to highlight some of the up and come web design trends we will see in 2019.


Having a video on your website will always boost audience interaction and increase the length of time your users will be on the page - which is always good! We expect to see a lot more websites incorporating videos into their web designs, whether that’s with one big one on the homepage or smaller ones in boxes linking to different pages.

Organic Design Elements

Responsive web design More recently we have been moving away from ‘straight lines’ and we are starting to see experimentations with shapes and web structures. During this coming year, we expect to see fewer web designs incorporating basic straight line shapes such as; squares, rectangles and triangles. Instead, we will see more freehand shapes and also textures and styles that look like lakes or ponds or even paper that has been torn.

Asymmetric Layouts

This year we expect to see a lot more websites pushing the boundaries of ‘typical’ web design layouts. For example, ‘broken layouts’ are expected to be a lot more popular this year - when you have a broken layout, you have items that are pushed around on the page in a way that makes the grid feel less rigid and uniform. These types of layouts will inevitably be more engaging and will add a sense of identity to your website.


How much time do you think that you get to make a good impression with a potential customer? If you’re talking about interacting with them online, you have less than three seconds. Arguably one of the most important factors in any website is how fast the pages load. And as the online demand grows stronger and stronger, users tend to become more impatient. As we previously mentioned, pictures and videos are far from gone from web design so in 2019 they will need to be incorporated in such a way that they don’t slow down the loading times.

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