Our top tips for any startup business

Here at Wriggle Marketing, we help businesses understand digital marketing, SEO, and website design to make a successful impact from day one. If you are just starting out in your new business venture it is important to understand why these factors are crucial if you want to effectively grow and evolve your brand. Here is our list of top tips for any new startup business...

Know your business and the aims you want to achieve

This may seem like an obvious step and something you have already done, however, you can never stop coming up with new ideas for your business. We recommend coming up with a weekly or monthly plan, setting yourself goals along the way. Think about how your brand looks, does your logo portray the type of business you are? Can customers access your website and social media? Are you offering something unique compared to your competitors? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to make sure your business will run efficiently. From a digital perspective, it also means making sure your business presents a sense of trust for the customer.

Invest in SEO and digital marketing

Setting a digital marketing strategy in place should be a the top end of your priority list. We highly recommend any new business should invest some of their budget and time into this. Understanding how this section of the industry works could take some time, however, it is one of the main ways you can see how your business will grow and develop online. Wriggle Marketing is committed to helping business understand website design, social media, SEO, PPC and email solutions. These different outlets may not all work for your business, understanding which ones are right for the industry your business is in is all part of the planning. For example, your business may not need to look into things like paid marketing (PPC) yet therefore you could just focus on prioritising other outlets and spending more time making those the best they can be.

Make sure you have a user-friendly website design

Having a user-friendly website doesn't always mean it needs to be visually appealing to your audience. Although this is an important factor and does impact your business’ overall appearance, there is much more to think about when it comes to website design. Think of yourself as one of your customers, and take a look at the website you currently have. Does it explain what the business is? And is it easy to navigate? Something to take into consideration which will affect customer traffic is the page speed on your website. There are plenty of page speed checkers available which will be able to tell you how fast the whole of your website loads. Generally speaking, if your website takes more than 6/7 seconds to load it could impact At Wriggle Marketing we happily dedicate our time to helping your business, big or small. If you think you need some help and guidance for your business, then please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Call us on 0191 285 6128 or email us at If you’re thinking about using a digital marketing industry for your business then make sure to read our blog post on the benefits of using a digital marketing agency for more information.  

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