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The Wriggle Social Experiment

Did you know that one billion people use Instagram every month? With more than 500 million of them using the platform every day? Reading this statistic provoked an open office discussion here at Wriggle HQ about how many of us are active on the social media platform, and what we like to see on our timelines, what we tend to engage with the most and our habits on being avid social users. Following our discussions, we thought it would be a great idea to run a poll across our own Instagram, asking a handful of questions about our followers ‘THIS’ or ‘THAT’ preferences. Here’s what we found…

Do you prefer a story or post?

We found that the majority preferred to view a story, with a 60% outcome! The overall purpose of the Instagram story was designed to share a quick snap moment of your day without thinking about what filter or edit you are going to use. It allows people to just catch a glimpse of where you are and what you are doing. While it does take away the notion of how many ‘likes’ your content has received, we do think it is interesting that the preference may be because it shows you exactly who is 'watching' your account as such, and how many people are viewing what you are posting on the regular.

Theme or no theme?

You may have noticed that a lot of brands and influencers tend to take different approaches to the ‘Instagram theme’ on their grid. Some take a subtle approach where all posts have just been edited with the same filter, or on the other hand some take a more structured approach where they do blocks of colour or a tile-like upload. We found in our survey that 64% of our followers actually prefer no theme at all! So it may seem that all of those hours planning out the finish of your overall grid may have been time well… wasted after all!

Do you prefer a long caption or short caption?

89% of our responses agreed that a short caption is best, especially for Instagram. It’s short and to the point!

Do you watch IGTV?

Instagram TV is a relatively new feature introduced to the platform in June 2018 with the purpose of simply allowing longer videos to be uploaded. It doesn’t seem to have taken off massively as of yet, with many Instagram influencers dipping in and out and asking if people actually pay it much attention at all - so we asked our followers and found that a staggering 86% actually DO NOT watch it. We think it would be interesting to correlate these findings with future stats as we believe that in about a year or two, this could change. For example if you cast your mind back to when Instagram stories first came on the scene, it was compared to Snapchat and a lot of users said they wouldn't use it however now, it seems to be our followers' most common use of the platform! So when it comes to technology I guess we really don't know what is going to happen, until it happens!

Podcasts or videos?

Podcasts really seem to be taking off at the moment - so we wanted to find out whether our followers are big podcast listeners or whether they still prefer to listen to audio accompanied with video. This one surprised us the most with 80% of our following telling us that they still prefer to watch a video as opposed to listening to a podcast!

Are you more likely to LIKE or COMMENT on a post?

The overall majority of 93% said that they are more likely to ‘like’ it rather than leave a comment.

Which do you prefer: phone images or professional images?

66% of people said they prefer a phone uploaded picture, symbolising a real-time, quick upload as opposed to a professional camera quality image only receiving 34% of the vote.

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