SEO 2019 Predictions: The future of SEO

2018 was another year as religiously following Google's algorithm updates and adapting our strategy to a mobile-first indexing one, but what is on the horizon for 2019? How can we prepare ourselves this year for even more changes in the SEO industry? The team at Wriggle Marketing has put together a list of some of the trends we will be seeing over the course of this year - to carry on reading to find out more, let’s try and embrace these trends together...

Voice Search Will Make up Nearly 50% of Searches

We expect to see voice search being one of the main areas of focus for SEO in 2019, it is said that almost 40% of adults already use voice search now, therefore, we are sure to see this number grown throughout the year! 50% of all searches will be voice searches with about 30% of all searches will be done without a screen all by 2020. With the rise of the purchases of home devices such as Amazon Echo’s, it is a given we are seeing these types of figures arise and continue to grow. [caption id="attachment_17703" align="alignnone" width="1000"]answer engine optimisation

What does this mean for our SEO strategies?

Voice searches use more words and also may be targeted towards what a user is expecting to see. Therefore, crafting page and blog content may need to have a different approach taken. Targeting longer-tail keywords to pages and even questions will be key in 2019.

Page Speed

If you have read our blog on the latest web trends of 2019, then you will know that page speed of a website is crucial - and has been for some time now in the SEO industry! However, Google is obsessed with delivering the best UX and delivering it fast! In July 2018 the desktop page loading time got joined with the mobile page loading time too, meaning that, keeping the load time consistent but also fast between mobile and desktop view is crucial.

Technical SEO is more important than ever before!

Technical SEO is crucial to ensuring all of the back-end factors of your website are working efficiently, from an SEO perspective. In 2019, it is already becoming clear that these technical factors will play a huge part in your website's performance in Google. For example, the SSL certificate. Regardless of how much weight an HTTPs site had in Google’s algorithm, the reality is that a ‘not secure’ warning in the SERPs is going to impact your users experience with the site.

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