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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is effectively a marketing methodology that is used in order to increase the amount of traffic driven to a website. Popular Search Engine Optimisation keywords are commonly-used terms searched by an audience or consumer that are implemented within your websites content, subconsciously to the reader, in order to achieve a high-ranking position in a search engine therefore more likely to gain more visitors to a website.   For example; Say if you are searching for SEO Services Newcastle or a Social Media Agency in your local area, that is what you as the audience would initially search for but for an agency like us here at Wriggle, we aim to rank the highest we possibly can in that field in the search engine, therefore we would implement SEO keywords such as ‘Social Media Agency’, ‘Social Media Services Newcastle’, ‘SEO Services Newcastle’ or ‘Brand Development’ in order to tick off all of the terms that you would be looking for to drive you towards our website first.  

How Can SEO Help Your Business?

If a website does not appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing! or any other search engine then it won’t gain many views, as it is naturally harder to locate and takes a reader more of their time to find. Therefore this is why SEO is a fundamental part of helping your business succeed as it is the implementation of popular searched terms, otherwise known as SEO Keywords, used to attract more views and gain you a higher ranking position in a search engine to get noticed. Graphic showing SEO

Social Media Management

How you manage your Social Media can be vital for some businesses in terms of gaining brand awareness, making a profit and maintaining success. Awareness and loyalty with your client base are not things that happen naturally overnight - they take hard work and consistency. We understand that investing that extra time into your social media can be difficult on top of everything else you have to think about, and this is where we can come in! Here at Wriggle Marketing we can create, manage and analyse your social media channels in order to give you the best online representation for your business.  

Why Use Social Media?

Social Media is constantly developing and while it was once known as being used for fun, it is now vastly carving its way into being an essential asset for brands within everyday business. Look at it as your online, visual portfolio where potential and existing clients can get a feel for your business; not to mention that social media can break down the barrier to achieve a more personal approach between brand and customer. They can see what services you offer, take a look at reviews, feedback and engagement between brand and client - and not to mention that it is also a brilliant tool for free advertising! At Wriggle Marketing we can offer our Social Media services for Social Media Management, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Paid Social Adverts, Social Content Creation and Social Reputation Management

Web Design

Here at Wriggle Marketing we offer a Web Design service to ensure that the end product is designed and developed to increase traffic, product sales or enquiries, and to fit the desires and needs of the clients. Our design team not only create great designs but ones that are responsive, easy to use and mobile-friendly. If you are on the hunt for a Web Design Newcastle service get in touch with us today!  

Websites we work with.

Our clients range from small businesses to larger e-commerce companies from all different industry types. Yet no matter what size your company is, big or small, we put in the same effort for each and every one of our clients. Whatever our client’s aim is we will try our best to overcome and exceed those expectations.  


WordPress is a Content Management System which allows you to independently manage the content of your site. It is flexible, customisable and user-friendly which allows us to design your website the way that your specifically want it. Did you know that WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites webwide due to its flexible and easy to manage approach? ( Here at Wriggle Marketing we will create websites suited to your wants and needs whether that be a simple information website, a custom web project, e-commerce platform or a blog; we can create the perfect service for you.  


E-Commerce brands are on the rise with it being made so easy for example to shop your weekly groceries without even leaving the house. So in an age where your customers are using the internet as part of their everyday life it only makes sense to allow them to buy your product/service from you direct. We can tailor design techniques to suit your needs, adding features to a wish list for example, or adding an automated transaction process to the site, helping you keep control of your accounts at ease. Whether you are looking to transform your existing site or interested in a brand new platform we can create a site perfect for your business. [caption id="attachment_18550" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Responsive web design Web Design Content Creative Website Responsive Concept[/caption]


Pay Per Click is when your advert is placed in a prime position of a webpage (along the top of the page or down the right hand side) and you pay per person who simply clicks on your advert. Your advert is triggered by particular keywords typed into Google search. As a PPC Agency Newcastle we have extensive knowledge about PPC campaigns and ideas on what will work best for your particular business, so contact us today if you would like to hear more about our services.  

Other Services

Our work doesn’t stop here, in addition Social Media, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design, Brand Development and Digital Marketing we also offer our services in Email Solutions. Emailing current clients and prospective clients is essential and always forms part of any successful marketing campaign. A drip feed of information to new and existing clients will always help your business grow naturally, catching attention. Emailing these lists on a regular basis with news, updates and offers will ingrain your brand image into the recipients mind. The recipients may not always read your email every time but they will look at who it is from and the subject of the email. If you have an E-Commerce site and you would like to set up an email for basket abandonment, Wriggle Marketing can build this into your site so that your customer receives an email taking them back to their basket within five minutes of them leaving your website.   Another service we offer to our clients is the use of Analytical Data, which is an invaluable digital tool that every company should use. Taking the time to look into your business analytics is essential as it provides an in-depth analysis of how users are moving around your site. This can help you determine where your website is at its weakest and potentially confusing to your audience, can track your sales and help us diagnose any issues. Here at Wriggle Marketing with our specialist software we are able to follow each visitors touch movement to take analysis and then develop a solution if necessary. The difference between being engaged or not with your data analytics is simple - websites which do not have any analytical tools in place or being utilised to their best potential could be missing out on customers every day and simple changes through tracking your data can be made to increase engagement and therefore conversion to profit.  

Brand Development

Brand Development can entail a handful of services in order to help your brand grow and develop to be bigger and better. Services that we at Wriggle Marketing can 100% deliver for you. It can vary from work within your Social Media which would be growing your brand’s social presence, this can be implemented in many ways, one may be a social media plan to draft ideas of what content you want to post; style, tone, etc to a detailed schedule of what time of day is best to post for maximum engagement and reach. Brand Development may also be within your Website Design; reviewing and analysing your current website and working out what works best for you and what could do with a little bit of improvement. Familiarise yourself with our range of services on our website and if there’s a service that catches your eye don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.  

Digital Marketing

By definition, Digital Marketing is the “marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers”. For a lot of businesses it is beneficial to work with a Digital Marketing agency like us here at Wriggle Marketing for many reasons. Firstly, there is a wealth of knowledge involved within the team. All professionals in their own field, we know the tips and tricks to get your business where it needs to be. Not to mention we also have a scope of tools and softwares at our fingertips, which your business may not have the access to and individually they would cost a large amount to any business, not to mention the additional training you may need to get to grips with it all, therefore it makes so much sense to get us involved and see changing results in good time, whether that be Return On Investment (ROI), SEO rankings, and the number of increased traffic to your site.    

Graphic Design

At Wriggle Marketing we offer Graphic Design services for print and digital use to businesses which can entail logo design and web design, business cards and brochure design. We make sure that our designs translate your brand identity and fulfil the needs of you and your customer all while making it a great user experience.  
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