Marketing trends for 2017

A we are mid-way through the year, we have seen marketing trends which we thought wouldn’t happen and ones which didn’t take off like marketers thought they would. So we thought we would let you into our predictions for the remainder of 2017. What marketing trends we think will continue to grow…

#1 A greater emphasis towards targeting mobile phones

As everyone knows, mobile phones are a huge part of our everyday lifestyle. So it only makes sense that marketers realise this to target the mobile audience. By optimising websites specifically for mobile devises. If the content isn’t easily digested on a mobile device, then this is where problems will start to occur, and the content will not come across to the customers as marketers would like.

#2 Marketing becoming more instant

There is a whole new viewpoint on the way customers want to receive information and products, this being instantaneously. With the rise of instant messaging and amazon-one click on the rise, this is something that companies will be focusing on to make instant response their go-to standard.

#3 360-degree promotions

Trying to find new ways of engaging your audience can be difficult. Which is why the 360-degree promotion will continue to grow. With this new promotional advertisement, it will increase the interactivity of consumers and ultimately engaging them into the brand.

#4 Increase of live video

Many networks have suddenly jumped onto the live video hype, and this is continued to stay for 2017. Many of the networks are promoting these live videos heavily, with live videos standing out from the world of content, increasing the interactivity.

#5 The increase of one to one marketing

Marketing can have a variety of uses, one of them being enhancing the customer experience. The personalisation of Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify show how data can be used to improve the customer experience. Increasing the personalisation of an advert will make the customer have an affection for that brand, increasing the consumer volume to that company.

#6 Location adverts following you to the real world

Many mobile adverts will continue to monitor where you spend most of your time and your most frequent locations on your mobile. Therefore, companies will want to use this information to tailor their digital marketing around what is important to you. Creating a more personal approach to digital marketing.

#7 The continued growth of SEO

With SEO still on the top of everyone’s list of digital marketing strategy, it’s important to keep it up to date. Wriggle Marketing have great SEO links, check out our SEO service for more information. Or Contact us on 0191 276 7551 or email us on

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