Marketing keywords – do you know your jargon?

Marketing is constantly changing, and new jargon is coming into play all the time. Therefore, it is difficult to keep up with the ever changing jargon and keywords relating to the marketing industry. Which is why we have created a marketing keyword list with the meanings to help you understand the basic keywords and terminology.  

A/B testing

This is the process of testing two variations of a single variable to understand which will work better. This is usually done on websites and emails to see which ‘call to action’ looks and works better or which landing page is best.  


This is such an important stage of any campaign. It will help you understand whether your campaign is working and which particular parts are working better and which need changing. It shows you the results of your website, campaigns and any other marketing activity. Showing you the data of click through rates, and where your audience are going on your site, enabling you to understand where to put more effort.  

Bounce rate

This is recorded in a percentage, showing how many people land on your page then exist without clicking on any section of the site. Therefore, the higher percentage, the more people are leaving your website without clicking on anything.  

Call to action

Also known as CTAs, they are usually a button leading your customers on to the next step of the line. Whether it is to take them to a particular section of the site or to generate leads. Helping convert leads or to a particular landing page – whichever is more important to your business.  

Inbound marketing

There are two types of marketing, inbound is where you attract customers to your site and not reaching out to them. This is done by creating content which your customers will want to read, making the company easy to find online. Allowing your target audience find your site naturally.  


These are the words that businesses target, helping them rank higher on search engines. This allows businesses understand what they are working towards. Picking these keywords can be difficult, as you need to find words which have a high search volume yet with a relatively low competition rate, to help you move up the rankings. The keywords are then used within the site to help google and other search engines rank your site better.  

Mobile optimisation

Mobile optimisation is important aspect of your website. This is where your website is optimised to its full potential when viewed on mobile. Google are now starting to rank websites which are mobile optimised higher than those that are not. Click here to read more about this.  

Pay per click

This is used to drive website traffic to your site. You will be paying a search engine or social media platform for the amount of clicks the campaign brings to your site. Wriggle Marketing do pay-per-click campaigns, so if you would like to understand more on these then click here.  

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the practice of improving your site in order to help your rankings increase on search engines. By doing on-page changes, it will increase the visibility of your site on search engines like Google. Click here if you would like SEO on your website.  

User experience (UX)

This is the overall experience a customer has with your campaign or website. From the discovery of the business to the purchase or a good/service. Allowing a good flow from the user experience.

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