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Make sure your adverts are correct on social media


Make sure your adverts are correct

Adverts on social media help businesses dramatically increase their sales. To ensure you are using the correct advert, with the correct formatting, we have created a checklist of what we think is best for you to use for your social media ads.  

#1 make sure the format is correct

If you are creating an advert, there is no point spending all your time to make it look good, if you have created in the wrong format for that particular platform. So if you are creating an advert for Facebook, then we would recommend 1,200 x 600 pixels. The text for the advert should be around 90 characters long. For a Twitter advert, you are only allowed 140 characters, this is restricted. However, it does force you to only promote the most important content on your advert. A picture on twitter counts for 24 characters, which reduced your limit to 116 characters. We would recommend the image size to be 800 x 200 pixels.   We would only recommend to post adverts with pictures, as it adds a lot more creditability to the advert.  

#2 promote deals for social media

Promoting deals and discounts allows you to improve your follow through rate, as people are always looking out for the best deal. Therefore, if you create your adverts with limited time. It allows your customers to think it is a one off deal, creating a sense of urgency.  

#3 Create a well thought out design

friendly imagery

Facebook recommend photos which have people on them with limited text. They are meant to show a friendlier atmosphere and have the biggest amount of leads and click through rates.  

Consistent branding

Remember to keep your advert in line with your branding of the company. Make sure the colours are the same and you have your logo on the advert somewhere. This will keep your company in your consumers’ minds. So even if they don’t click on the advert, they should remember your company if they need your assistance in the future.   If you would like help on social media, get in contact with us. We will keep adverts within the same branding style as your company and make sure the posts we upload are within the required guidelines, helping you receive the most traffic. Click here for more information on social media or contact us on 0191 276 7551 or email us on

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