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How to improve your social media content

Social media is here to stay, which is why it is important that businesses understand the effect it has on customers. It also shows how they can improve their social media to help improve the total effectiveness of the business.  

Know your target audience

First of all, it is important that you know your target audience. By knowing exactly who you are targeting will improve the overall engagement rate of your businesses social media platform which will lead into sales within the business. By knowing your target audience, will allow you to understand what social media platform you should be using. For example, if your target audience don’t use Instagram, there is no point your company regularly uploading Instagram posts as it is a waste of time and effort.   It is also important that you know what times your target audience are most active. This is useful to know due to the scheduling of your posts, as this will help maximise your engagement with your audience.  

Have clear call to actions

Have clear call to actions, this will improve your click through rate as it increases the user experience and allows the user to navigate through the site effectively. Eventually leading them onto the end destination. A total lead sale could all start from a social media post which has the correct call to action buttons at the bottom. Make sure you request customers to directly share and like your posts and also for them to follow you on social media.  

Use visuals

Make sure your content is engaging, something which your target customers will be excited to read. Once you have got the right content, it is essential that you visually express it in an engaging way. Using graphics on a page increases the interaction with the post dramatically. Many don’t usually stop to read a post without a visual impact.   If you need help with your social media, we are always happy to help your business increase the user engagement and click through from your posts. Click here for more information or contact us on 0191 276 7551.

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