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How To: Optimise Your Social Media Ads For The Festive Season

Over the past few weeks at Wriggle we have had more and more questions from clients about social media and the best way to advertise and target clients during November and December. As a result, we have decided to write a blog on social media during November and December to share our top tips for the best ways to optimise your campaign to achieve the best results.  

Short Video Ads & Short Ads

Try to get to your video adverts down to 20-30 seconds and ensure that the text on your normal static ads is short, punchy & to the point. This is essential during November & December as users are busier than normal and you have a limited time bracket.  Where a viewer would normally watch a video for 40 – 60 seconds - during these months the ideal video time is 20-30 seconds.  For reference, Aldi released their Christmas advert onto our television screens this past week, which is a lengthy one minute and ten seconds video - however take a look at how they cut it down to just 30 seconds for social media use over the Christmas period.  


Users are so much busier during this period BUT, they are in a buying and shopping mentality, and it is essential that you utilise remarketing to drive them back to your website to make the purchase. 
  • Did you know that 96% of users leave without converting? 
  • And 49% of visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase? 
If the user has not heard of your brand before they will easily forget and go to one of your competitors who shows an ad the next day when they are ready to buy. Remarketing simply follows the user, to re-engage them and lead them back to your website and is an easy way to get users back into the sales funnel and entice them to make a purchase at a time when they are ready to buy.   

Websites, Landing Pages & Page speed

Make sure your landing pages and / or website are mobile optimised. It is still surprising and shocking how many websites are not optimised for mobile use. Not only will this be damaging your SEO (as the Google algorithms rank mobile first and vast majority of websites have been since September 2018) but, it will mean that users are bouncing from your website as they cannot navigate their way easily through to the purchase.  Making sure the user journey is seamless from advert to checkout is essential. There is tracking software such as Google Analytics, Hotjar etc which can help you do this. On this point and more from an SEO perspective, in 2019 and moving into 2020, Google are ranking websites not only using the 300+ ranking factors but also now using the user experience.  In addition to this your website needs to be quick. Users do not like waiting for the pages to load. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on an advert and the landing page and / or website in its entirety being slow to load as your users will bounce and go elsewhere.  According to research, 79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed.  You can test your website speed using various different free tools and in some cases quick and easy fixes can make a huge difference to the load time of a page or website. Wriggle Marketing


Differentiate & Stand Out

This sounds obvious but, users are going to be seeing so many ads during November and December. Use colour, get your social media agency to design to something eye catching and different, something where the ads are unique and bespoke. Many companies think using the same adverts over and over with the same interest segments will automatically mean success. This is not the case.  - Just ask yourself, how quickly do you scroll through your social feeds?  

Test & Track

Do not just run one ad. Test a selection and always try new ads, this is what your social media agency is there to help and guide you on. But, in addition to this, you can run the same ads and test the success of each segment as well as the success of the advert itself.  We have seen companies have 20 plus or 50 plus interests clicked on one advert. If you do this you will never know or be able to narrow down which segment is driving the sales and traffic.  What happens if out of the 50 plus interests it is only one or two segments which are purchasing and interacting with your advert; you are wasting and/or limiting your budget as you are spending money on another 48 interest segments.  At Wriggle, we would advise choosing no more than 7 interest segments per advert  

Look At Where Your Target Market Is

This sounds simple but it is essential that you look at where your target market is socially active. In some cases, products and/or services should be weighted more towards Facebook rather than Instagram, or vice versa. Whilst splitting the budget 50/50 is the easy thing to do; is it the right route for the product you are wishing to sell?   

Use Your Existing Data (GDPR dependent)

Use your existing customer data and place this into a custom audience within the social platform. These users have engaged with you before, they have a level of trust, they have shown confidence in your brand before and these are the easiest customers to sell to. These audiences ordinarily generate quicker results but also make the RoI on a social campaign more appealing.   

Adjust Your Expectations

Granted, ad costs will go up in November and December - however there is so much more opportunity for you to utilise during this time period. Customers shopping via their mobile phones will have more free time and they are already in the shopping and buying mentality. Therefore businesses need to factor in this additional cost and it is also key that you do not turn your adverts off too early. Set a budget and stay strong, there must be consistency throughout your campaigns.   

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