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How can Facebook live help you?

Social media is a huge part of everybody’s lives, therefore, companies need to get on board with this to keep up-to-date with the latest trends so they don’t get left behind! The latest trend which everyone is getting on board with is the Facebook live videos. If you are not sure what this is or you are not sure on how to use it effectively, then don’t worry, we have everything you need to help your business grow.  

What is Facebook live?

Facebook live is a feature which lets you stream a video live to your followers or friends. This will appear in the news feed of others, and they can watch your video live or after the video has finished.  

Why is Facebook live useful?

Facebook live allows companies to show how they work behind the scenes without double takes. Customers enjoy the real life view of how companies operate and with this feature they cannot hide anything! It also can allow companies to do a question and answer time live, with customers asking questions on the comments.   People are able to leave reactions to the videos and comment what they think. When you are live you can reply to these comments, this will keep you interactive with your customers allowing any queries to be resolved or just to reply to any feedback. Using Facebook live keeps your followers engaged and encourages interaction.  

Hints and tips

  • Plan ahead your video, let your customers know when you are planning on doing the video. Remember to give them plenty of time so they have notice to tune into the video, giving you the most amount of views.
  • Make the caption a ‘catchy’ and fun one. So when people get the notification, they will be captured and therefore this will create more viewers.
  • Make sure the video is long enough to allow people to tune in and still understand what is happening. If they are short, people won’t plan to tune in again as they won’t be engaged by it.
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