Have you seen the new Snapchat Maps feature?

Digital marketing is becoming more advanced, with Snapchat introducing its latest feature called ‘Snapchat maps’. This feature enables users to see exactly where their friend’s location is on a map. Snapchat will track your location using GPS and place your avatar on the map. Not only does it allow you to see your friend’s location, but it allows you to look at snapchat stories all around the world. Snapchat has updated its story feature, allowing people to upload stories to ‘our stores’ which permits other people, who you are not friends with, to view your story. It allows you to virtually be at an event, for example you can see what is happening at sporting events and festivals without being there! The new feature allows you to opt into ‘ghost mode’. Ghost mode will allow you to opt out of this feature, however, it will enable you to still view other people’s location who are not on ghost mode. In order to find this new feature on snapchat, pinch the screen (Zoom out motion) and a map appears with your friend’s avatars. You can move around the world to see where your friends are and view different snapchat events going on in different parts of the world. Allowing you to be at different events whilst sat in the comfort of your own home. Police are concerned with this new feature as it can lead to bullying and stalking. As the map shows the exact location of you, which can lead to stalking by some people. If you have ‘friends’ on snapchat who you do not know, then the police are recommending that you are to be careful with who you share your location with. There is a feature to enable you to only share your location with specific people, therefore, this may be useful if you have ‘friends’ on snapchat who you do not want to share your location with.

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