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Facebook snooze update feature

In 2017, Facebook came under a lot of attack due to the functions and visibility of their social media platform. Therefore, something had to be done, a few updates were made. However, they are still under attack due to the ‘messiness’ of their platform. This is with notifications, messages and sponsored adverts popping up, leaving a ‘cluttered mess’. Yet, one way which Facebook are trying to tackle this ‘clutter’ is with their new tool; the ‘snooze’ button. This allows you to temporarily hide posts from a particular person, group or page. Allowing you to take more access and control over your news feed. The time limit is 30 days, and when this time is nearly up, you can review the person to see whether you want to make it temporary. Or if you are feeling different then you can let the time limit run out and start viewing their posts again. At any point within the ‘snooze’ period, you can undo it, allowing you to see their posts again. You can do this by going on the person’s/groups page and click the drop down menu where is says ‘snoozed’. Many think it is very similar to the unfollowing feature. Which in simple terms, it is. However, the major difference is it allows you to do it for a temporary time, and notifying you when the 30 days is up. Whereas the unfriending is permanent until otherwise stated by you.  

Will they get notified?

One big question is whether the other person knows you have snoozed them. The answer is no, however this is not official, many sources have stated that the other person/group get no notifications or awareness of the ‘snoozing’ taking place. We also did some testing here at Wriggle and found there to be no notifications showing up. If you want to keep up to date with the latest industry news, then take a look at our blog. We have all the latest hints and tips!

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