Digital marketing trends which are going to end in 2018

Digital marketing is an ever changing process, with new tactics/inventions coming in and old ones expiring. It is difficult to keep track on what is working and what isn’t. Therefore, we have created a list of trends which we believe are set to expire this year.  

#1 Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are digital marketing campaigns which will go out to your full contact list. However, this is going to become a thing of the past, with personalisation being at the forefront. So you will be able to design and create targeted emails/campaigns directly to specific people, based on their demographics. By targeting your audience groups to send specific campaigns to, your engagement rate should see an increase.  

#2 Quantity rather than quality

Blog campaigns have been in the past about quantity. However, as the internet is full of content, the best strategy is to produce quality blog pieces. Make sure you focus on one particular topic, ensuring there are quality links and quality content within them. Make sure each blog post you create is interesting to your target audience and serves a particular purpose. This may be to lead your consumers to your website, gain leads or to increase brand awareness.  

#3 Text-based SEO strategy

Multimedia-based content is becoming more and more popular, and so this year, text-based SEO won’t be enough. Make sure you are optimising videos, images and audio files to ensure a better SEO strategy and ranking.   For more information, hints and tips take a look at our blog page. We produce quality blog posts based on the different services we provide and any relevant industry news.