Digital marketing trends 2018

As it is getting to the end of 2017, we are starting to look into the new year and what the digital marketing trends will be. Digital marketing has come a long way this year, and it is only expected to grow in 2018. Which is why we thought we would be one step ahead of it and make a list of what we think will become popular in 2018. User Experience

#1 Personalisation

Personalisation has become a big part of digital marketing in 2017. Showing personalised adverts specific to what your interests are. More social media platforms are becoming aware of this. For example, Facebook pixels help companies track specific movements on different website, allowing them to target you as a consumer and personalise their approach to gaining your attention. More and more social media platforms are becoming adapted to different ways to personalise adverts. Yet it is not only social media platforms, but companies are now able to recommend specific pieces of content to their specific audience.

#2 Quantitative not Qualitative

Usually marketers base their adverts and marketing campaigns on qualitative based marketing, however, more companies are now swaying towards the quantitative research. With data becoming the main focus, it is important all data is correct and understood properly.

#3 Influence marketing is still growing strong

Influence marketing is growing quickly. It is thought that around 84% of marketers have had at least one influence marketing campaign planned in 2017 and more in 2018. Companies have understood that this type of marketing campaign is working and therefore they need to get on board with it.

#4 Social media is becoming more and more important

Instagram is already soaring, in 2017, Instagram has 500 million daily active users. And it is still growing at a rapid rate. Each month, around 800,000 million users log in to the platform. Making it a key focal point for businesses to start advertising on. However, Twitter has been unable to grow this year, with users and companies moving away from this platform. It has focused on user acquisitions rather than making improvements to their advertising platforms, meaning companies are moving away from this platform and onto others. LinkedIn is becoming more and more important for B2B businesses. They have made a number of improvements to their platform, including a new site vamp and refreshing the user interface. In 2018, it is expected to grow, and B2B marketers will be utilising the platform more and more.

#5 GDPR taking over

In marketing, the event which everyone is talking about and working towards is the GDPR change in May 2018. The European union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May. Which will affect the way customer’s data is collected. It will incorporate different aspects of how you market in the future. Customers will have to ‘opt in’ to a mailing list, and also if requested, companies will have to show how customers personal data is kept. Therefore, meaning that marketers/companies will need to go back through their customer database making sure it is all stored in the correct way. For more information on GDPR and how it will affect digital marketers, then click here. For more information on digital marketing or other digital news, then make sure you read our latest blogs. We have all the relevant industry news waiting for you to read. Click here for more information.

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