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Creating a website can be all well and easy to design, however, a site which has good user experience (UX) is a little more difficult to design. UX is all about addressing what your customers want and being as hassle-free as possible.  It is an important aspect to think about when implementing a website as what you think is the right process for your website to what your customers think may be completely different.  

Target audience

It is essential you have your target customers in mind when changing anything to do with the UX. You should create a number of customer personas, to help you understand the mindset of your audience and how they would flow through your site. As it will probably be different to what you would do as you are in the industry.   When creating personas, you should go through a number of scenarios which multiple persons who will be using your site. We would suggest that you create multiple scenarios etc., here we have listed some of the ones which we believe are crucial your website correct;
  • What will your user want to achieve?
  • What is their thought process?

Check your competitors

It is so important that you understand what your competitors are doing within the industry. It is essential that you are keeping up to date and also being initiative and keeping one step above the rest. Check to see what your competitors are doing, it is important that you don’t get left behind, review their website and compare it to yours and if you think anything can be changed to yours then it will have been a worthwhile exercise.  

UX on mobile

Creating a website on the desktop is great, however, as a nation people are using their mobiles to go on websites more and more. Therefore, it is essential that the mobile UX is easy and straightforward. UX is different from desktop to mobile, therefore, it is important that you go through it on website and mobile to show both the processes are correct for each device.   If you would like help on user experience for your website, then let us help. Contact us for more information.

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