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As a social media agency, we help businesses create social media plans directed at their target audience. However, there are many businesses using the wrong social media platform. This is why as a social media agency, we aim to help you connect with the right target audience on the right channel. Here are some questions which need addressing to help you figure out which social media platform you should be using and which are not appropriate for your business.  

Where is my audience?

  Finding out where your audience is, is a key factor in helping you discover what type of platform is right for you. For example, in China, the mobile app WeChat is very popular and marketers aim their effort towards that platform within that geographic. Other than geographical location, it is important to understand what type of device your audience is using. As some platforms are more mobile friendly.  

Who is your audience?

  Finding out exactly who your audience are is crucial. It will enable you to understand what type of platforms your audience use. We will help you create a ‘buyer persona’, helping you understand who your ideal customer is. By understanding this, it will help you understand which their ideal social media platform it is they use.

What are your competitors using?

  This is a great starting point, as many of your competitors will have been through the same stage as you are in now. Deciding what platforms to use. Make sure you don’t use only the platforms your competitors are using without research. This is due to the customer’s preferences changing all the time, and so their use of platform may have too! Also, new channels may have been brought out since your competitors did their research. So it is important to do your own.  

What type of content does your audience most interact with?

  Depending on what type of content your audience interact with depends on what platform is best for your company. As different channels are better for different types of content. For example, if you wanted to share industry updates, company news and white papers. Then it would be more beneficial to you channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Yet if you want to share image based content. Instagram and Pinterest maybe a better option. Video content will be best viewed on YouTube - the second largest search engine after Google. Other great platforms for video content is Snapchat and Facebook, which allow a more interactive approach to the videos.  

What are your social media strategy objectives?

It is all well and good that you have a social media account. (and it is the right channel). Yet it will not be beneficial if you do not know what your objectives are and have not got a thorough plan set. Social media objectives can either be to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your site or it could be to show you are an active member on social media. Whatever it is, as a well-trained social media agency. We will create well thought out social plans in order for you to achieve your objective.
We are a social media agency in Newcastle, who love to help small businesses increase their overall perception through social media. If you need help deciding who your target audience are and how together we can approach them in the best possible way, then get in touch!

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